Lubiju Wins PR in Scotland With Dental Advice

by Holyrood PR

Friday, January 8th, 2010

LubijuA Scottish dental expert has gained coverage on a website for people with halitosis.

Lubiju dental surgery’s work with dental implants was reported upon on the Bad Breath Blog. The article told how patients could benefit from replacing unwieldy and even unhygienic denture plates with dental implants.

A case study of 76-year-old retired postal worker Iain Richardson was given in the article, telling how his life had changed dramatically for the better since he had the dental implant technology from Lubiju.

Dental expert Dr Biju Krishnan – who is the co-founder of Lubiju – was quoted in the article recommending this “life-changing treatment”.

He was also quoted as saying: “We hear stories every single day of how patients lack confidence because their dentures make it difficult to do the most basic things, like eat or speak comfortably.”

“They also spend large amounts of time and money trying to solve the problem with messy and difficult to use pastes, gels and fixatives.”

“In the worst cases food can become trapped under the dentures and even cause the wearer to suffer bad breath. Anyone who has had these problems knows what a nightmare they can be.”

The original press release was issued for Lubiju by the Holyrood PR. For further information please contact 0131 561 2244 or

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