Look after Borders’ lovebirds this Valentine’s Day

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Look after Borders’ lovebirds this Valentine’s Day

Scottish Water Blog

Fat-TrapScottish Water has encouraged Borders’ couples to use the fat and grease from those romantic Valentines Day meals to feed the local birds.

This will not only benefit our feathered friends but it can also help to protect the environment in the process.

Couples can use either a fat trap, which is a special plastic pot with a screw top lid, or alternatively they can use a yoghurt pot or something similar.

The RSPB has joined Scottish Water customers in their appeal to love their feathered friends at this time of year.

Spokesman James Reynolds said: “Feeding birds in the garden is a popular activity – over half of adults in the UK feed birds in their garden.

“Providing birds with supplementary food brings them closer for us to marvel at their exciting behaviour and wonderful colours.

“It’s best to give them highly nutritious and calorific food during this cold period, so making fat traps with surplus fat that solidifies is an ideal way to dispose of kitchen waste that would otherwise cause a big nuisance.

“When done responsibly and hygienically, feeding garden birds, especially in the winter time when food availability is reduced, is really important to see our feathered friends through the lean times.”

Disposing of oils and grease down plugholes and drains is illegal and can have disastrous consequences on the environment, and can also place a significant demand on Scottish Water resources.

Scottish Water has found that 55 per cent of all sewer blockages are caused by people disposing of cooking fat down their sink.

This clogs sewers and pumping stations; leading to sewage overflows, potentially damaging the environment.

Peter Farrer, Customer Service Delivery Director at Scottish Water, said that the company welcomed the RSPB’s support.

He said: “We’re encouraging customers to make a bird cake using their solid fat from those romantic Valentines Day dinners, rather than throw it away.

“Solid fat can be used to make a nutritious treat for birds through this cold winter snap.”