Learn the Local Lingo this Spring

by Fraser Clarke

Thursday, May 24th, 2018

Jurys Inn Hospitality PR in Scotland


A Geordie or Scouse twang, Scottish burr, Irish brogue and Welsh lilt may be amongst the most recognisable and loved accents in the UK, but it’s staff at Jurys Inn hotels in Newcastle, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Dublin and Cardiff who often receive the most guest requests to decipher tricky translations.


To help guests navigate a new city this Spring without becoming tongue-tied, Jurys Inn is breaking down well-used regional sayings and equipping visitors with the right words to enjoy a weekend like a local.


Hotel staff at Jurys Inn Newcastle, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Dublin and Cardiff will be ready to answer questions and offer tips on local dialect and slang, plus share their favourite sayings on social, as they prove they know their Judy (Scouse for girlfriend) from their gadgie (Geordie for man) and owtelse (Northern English for anything else) guests are struggling with.


Here’s a few helpful phrases for your travels, that won’t leave you saying ye wha? (Scottish for pardon).


Queen’s English NewcastleLiverpool Edinburgh Dublin Cardiff
Hello/how are you?AlreetAlright laa?


Alright?What’s the craic?Alrigh?
It’s goodIt’s canny, likeIt’s proper bossIt’s barryIt’s grandThat’s bang tidy
ToiletNettyKhaziCludgieJacksTy bach (little house)
Commenting about the bad weatherIt’s chucking it downIt’s cracking the flags out thereIt’s dreich out thereIt’s lashing outIt’s pretty grim out there
Bread rollStottie cakeNudgerA wee rollRollBap
Talking about night plans – variousAlrite, what ye uptee the neet?Where’s the nearest Offy?Goin oot the night?


Heading out on the razzHaving tea tonight
Had too many drinks last nightWas absolutely mortalJust had a few bevvys, and got bladderedWas steaming last nightWas half-cut last nightI got absolutely hanging last night
When you/they are leavingWe’re gannin yemCome ‘ed


See you the mornSee you afterIn a bit

Jurys Inn Head of Marketing, Suzanne Cannon, said: ‘An underrated benefit of holidaying in the UK is that there’s no language barrier to worry about, but the reality is dialects even a few hours away can be difficult to grasp.  To help our guests feel at home, we have recruited the help of our local teams to celebrate regional differences and assist guests with those colloquial conundrums.’


Learn the local lingo and make the most of Jurys Inn’s Spring Sale rates, offering 15%, 20% and 25% off the best available Room Only and B&B stay dates until Sunday 15 April 2018.

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