Hair and Beauty Digital Lips Campaign brings success to Dermal Clinic

Lips Campaign an injection of life to clinic’s digital presence

Dermal Clinic BlogMedia Coverage

Lips Campaign an injection of life to clinic’s digital presence

Dermal Clinic BlogMedia Coverage

Senior Account Executive, Katie Hogg, explains why injecting some TLC into Dermal Clinic’s social media strategy spoke volumes to their followers

Giving your social media strategy a bit of a revamp is never easy, especially if what you’re trying to say isn’t exactly news.

But with a little bit of clever planning and a sprinkle of creativity, finding those interesting stories to share are never too far away.  

That’s exactly what we found with our client Dermal Clinic. Already extremely successful in the print headlines, a digital PR overhaul was needed to boost online presence and give the award-winning clinic an edge over competitors.

Scroll-stopping Content

To really pinpoint the areas that needed a little TLC, research was conducted by an extensive auditing process to analyse the social media activity of local competitors and make recommendations for Dermal Clinic on how it could boost its social media presence, securing the frontrunner position within the market.

From here, a two-month plan surrounding the hot topic of lip injections was drawn up, including 10 different blog posts to be produced and circulated on Facebook and Twitter during March and April 2018. Supporting collateral, such as images and GIFs, was also used to super-charge the campaign and provide snackable, sharable content.

The blogs were:

  • Lips through the Ages
  • The Secret of Facial Harmony
  • The Lip Filler Process
  • Natural Beauty is Timeless
  • Spotlight on Jackie
  • Paying Lip Service to the Truth: Five Myths about Lip Fillers Debunked
  • Understanding the Lower Face
  • Quick Fixes for Fuller Lips
  • Beauty at Any Age – Jackie Inspires Glasgow Masterclass
  • Make it a Naturally Beautiful Mother’s Day with Dermal Clinic

 A Thumbs Up from Facebook

The two-month content plan was a success, gaining an organic reach for the blog posts alone of over 1,734 on Facebook. Combined with supporting collateral, ranging from images to GIFS, an overall reach of 24,170 was achieved.

During this period, Jackie also had a number of award wins and an article with the Scottish Sun on Botox that helped push awareness of her expertise further.

As well as a reach of 579, 35 clicks and 30 reactions on Dermal’s Facebook page, the piece also scooped a reach of 10,824 and 420 clicks on the Scottish Sun’s Facebook, as well as 2,045 impressions and 17 clicks on their Twitter account.  This is a shining example of how publications can also benefit your business online.

Something to Tweet About

During March and April, the Dermal Clinic Twitter account achieved a reach of 11,538.

However, despite a 32% increase on the average reach compared to last year, the main highlight came in March when singer Lily Allen reacted to one of the clinic’s posts – resulting in 4,726 impressions and a total of 88 engagements. Prime recognition that quality content can capture the attention of the rich and famous.

Looking to add some volume to your social accounts?

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