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Lip Enhancement Treatment To End Fears Of Dreaded ‘Trout Pout’

Dermal Clinic Press releases

Lip Enhancement Treatment To End Fears Of Dreaded ‘Trout Pout’

Dermal Clinic Press releases

Before and After - Edinburgh PRWhen it comes to cosmetically enhancing your lips less is definitely more, with many people looking to have fuller lips while anxiously trying to avoid the dreaded ‘trout pout’.

In response to this, Scotland’s leading providers of non-surgical cosmetic treatments are offering an innovative procedure designed to plump, smooth and hydrate lips while giving a natural looking enhancement.

Lip refresh is a treatment offered by award winning Edinburgh based Dermal Clinic which uses a small amount of hyaluronic acid dermal lip filler to give ampler looking lips without the risks of overdoing it.

Jackie Partridge, BSc (DERM) RGN NIP at Dermal Clinic said: “Lip refresh is a very subtle and natural looking enhancement.

“Other lip enhancements can be used to boost and define the body and edge of the lip. This causes a much more obvious change in the look of the patient and I have found in recent years this is not what my clients are looking for, so Lip Refresh is becoming increasingly popular.

“Of course Dermal Fillers are not without risk, that is why it is so important to be looked after by a medical professional. But Lip Refresh uses less product so the chance of a compression occlusion (pressure that stops blood supply to the skin) is reduced.”

In recent months this treatment has been gaining popularity with brides in particular looking for a boost in confidence for their big day.

Jackie continued: “You don’t want to change the ‘look’ of someone, especially on a day as memorable as their wedding. Lip refresh helps you give a natural lip and provides support to the lip without the risk of over enhancement.

“The over filled and massive lips might be in fashion today, but our brides usually want elegance over volume. Fashions change, so keeping it natural won’t date in the photos.

“It really helps boost their confidence so they feel and look fantastic on what will be one of the best days of their lives.”

Dermal Clinic, located in Edinburgh’s Church Hill Place, is one of Scotland’s leading cosmetic clinics with a team of high quality professionals dedicated to provide specialist care for the face and body.

It specialises in providing expert advice, solutions and services to help clients feel better about themselves – including treatments unique to Scotland.


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