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With the advent of YouTube and online geek forums, it seems that many video gamers are pushing themselves to increasingly ridiculous challenges in order to gain the respect of their peers.  Most of the time, these kind of futile pursuits involves trying to get the highest score or the quickest time – or to achieve a 100% completion rate in their video game of choice. But I have to admire the dedication of this one particular nerd, who has achieved what no-one else has either tried to do or even considered before. Yes, a Nintendo geek by the name of Not Entirely Sure has managed to somehow complete the classic Super Mario Bros with the lowest score possible. Without using cheats, and by avoiding all enemies, power ups and completing each level with zero time on the clock, he’s posted a final score of just 600 points for the entire game. This may be seen by most people as an utter and pointless waste of time, but I salute his dedication. After all, that record is going to be his – and immortalised on YouTube – for all eternity. Bravo, sir.


Throughout life, you’ll receive pieces of advice that you will use each and every day. This blog gives some wise words from the perspective of a dog, and if everyone did each of the statements, the world would be a better place. OK, it’s not exactly from a dog, but using a dog to illustrate the points make reading it enjoyable and will put a smile on your face. At the end, the writer asks “what has your dog taught you about life?” – so apart from don’t leave anything remotely edible on the floor, what’s your answer?


Weird I know, but I’ve always had a fascination about people’s fridges.  It’s not nosiness but more just a genuine curiosity about what people eat – and what they buy. It must be a bit like comparing fashion labels, I guess – do they spend freely on exciting brands; have they special purchases for special days, or do they do a Primark on the basics. Or is that just me? Anyway, the internet has a turned up a site for me – and confirming I’m not alone.


Plans to produce a Merseyside version of The Only Way Is Essex and Geordie Shore are closer to completion than ever before, with some scenes being filmed for ‘Mersey Shore’ in Liverpool last week. Yet whilst the ‘reality’ shows have been a hit with viewers down south, it seems that the residents of Liverpool aren’t exactly over-joyed about the Scouse version, with one MP going as far as to say it would lead to ‘regional racism’ Former Mayor of Liverpool Steve Rotheram believes that viewers are more likely to believe the stereotypical image of Scousers produced on shows like this, than on sets elsewhere, thanks to an historical representation of Liverpool on our screens. Stemming from Brookside and Bread, the image of the Scouser has been prolifically negative and the MP fears that shows such as this will follow the same pattern. As a Scouser myself I have to agree – although I wouldn’t go as far as saying that the shows will lead to racism. Whilst I don’t mind watching the TOWIE girls getting drunk in their mini skirts and talking about vagazzles, it would all be a bit too much to take if this was suddenly imported to Liverpool. Scouse girls have a strong reputation for getting dressed up and putting a lot of effort into their appearance and this can often be mistaken for ‘cheapness’ which definitely isn’t the case. Let’s hope that the producers of ‘Mersey Shore’ focus less on the stereotypes and more on the positive image of Liverpool and that us Scouse girls don’t get any further stick because of our Merseyside roots.

GEEK CHIC (Andrea)

Got a friend who likes pie, but not of the bakery kind? This blog will solve every Christmas, birthday or special occasion gift for them from now on. It’s got links to where you can buy a doormat with the ‘enter’ key from a keyboard as a pattern, as well as social networking pillows and periodic table magnet sets. Sorted.