Lights! Camera! Action! Turn your passionate staff into business stars with PR video

by Craig Sinclair

Friday, March 6th, 2015

Find out how to get a crucial competitive advantage with our PR video service

PR agency reveal key to success is  PR videos for staff

ONE of the most powerful maxims in business is this: people don’t buy what you do – they buy why you do it. But what does that mean?

Whatever field you work in – law, bathroom fitting, roofing, clothing retail, cupcake making – you are likely to have many competitors. Like it or lump it, those rivals are likely to be good at what they do, offering similar goods or services to you at a similar price.

That’s the what. Customers who buy your “what” are unlikely to be loyal and can be easily persuaded to try elsewhere by lower prices, shiny offices, fancy brochures or a more convenient location.

Making a real difference and winning over loyal customers who will come back to you time after time and even go out of their way to buy your products or use your services – that comes down to why you do what you do.

Typically that ‘why’ is demonstrated best by your most loyal and passionate staff who quietly go about their work impressing clients and customers with their obvious passion and gusto.

So how can you make the most of that to help your business stand out and to get an extra edge in a fiercely competitive business arena? One simple word – video.

Why use PR video for your business?

There are multiple benefits and advantages to using PR video in your business – but one of the biggest is to showcase the passion and skills of your people.

BieldFor example, we’ve been working with our PR client Bield to capture the essence of why its staff find their work with the care specialist so rewarding. At every level of the business, from cleaning and domestic staff to the MD, passion for their hugely worthwhile jobs shines through.

Now we are helping Bield to harness that and show it to the world.  Why? If you were looking for the right place for an older relative to live as independently as possible while receiving the right care, you’d want to see the passion of the staff, right?

You’d want to see for yourself their belief that what they are doing really matters and that they feel rewarded by it – and that’s exactly what came out when we worked on the first in a planned series of videos focusing on the people who work with Bield.

Among the interviews were a number with staff at its very sheltered housing service, Bonnethill Gardens in Dundee, including this video with Tracy Murray, the service manager:

How the PR video process works – and how we make it simple and enjoyable for you.

The nerves were obvious as our expert PR video team worked with Tracy and colleagues to begin the interviews. After a few easy questions, staff relaxed and began to tell us more about their job.

Before we knew it we couldn’t get them to stop talking about how much they love their job, how they love the people they work with, the genuine care they show for each care user. We almost wanted to change jobs!

Tracy and Team at BonnethillIt was obvious that, despite initial nervousness, the Bield staff thoroughly enjoyed the filming experience and the break from their normal routine.  In fact, the staff at Bonnethill Gardens loved being on camera for the day.

More importantly, these videos tell the viewer very clearly why Bield is the care provider they should consider using if they have an older relative with care and housing needs.

On top of that, the videos are an important resource for Bield to use when recruiting. Not only are they likely to attract more people to every job opportunity – they will attract the right people.

More widely, businesses like Bield which included video on their website enjoy the chance of a front page Google search result by an amazing 53 times. That means their name and website are more likely to be found by relatives searching for care services.

Find out how PR video and our other PR services can benefit your business

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