The Ladyboys Get Their Latin Groove On

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The Ladyboys Get Their Latin Groove On

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When we last sent a member of our team along to become acquainted with the cast of long running festival-hit, Ladyboys Of Bangkok, he ended up with painful nether regions.

One of the cheeky Thai beauties used a paintball gun to shoot our man in the, er, man parts. We don’t know if there’s any truth in the rumour that this was punishment for asking if the glamorous Ladyboy in question was pre or post op (very bad form, apparently).

You can see our original blog post here:

The unlucky victim that time was Rory Reynolds, who now plys his trade as a journalist with Evening News and the Scotsman. He’s a talented lad and a fine story getter, so we’re sure the Ladyboys shooting incident is now just one of many journo war stories he has amassed.

Given Rory’s rough handling by members of the transsexual troupe, you might think we’d be careful about sending another innocent into their midst. But no.

This week it was the turn of our videographer Lewis Notarangelo to meet the prancing and primping Ladyboys as they warmed up for their Fringe extravaganza at The Meadows. And just to make sure he didn’t get nervous, we ‘forgot’ to mention the plight of his predecessor.

The good news is that Lewis’s crown jewels went unmolested during the photo call. Phew. It seems the sexy showgirls were concentrating far too hard on Latino-influenced hip shimmying, as they were given a lesson in the latest fitness craze to sweep the nation, Zumba.

The Ladyboys troupe continue to be a highlight of the Fringe year on year, and the PR machine behind the act – and with the Zumba-inspired media event,  came up trumps once again to combat the fatigue that often happens with a long running act. 

While Lewis managed to escape without any tender parts, he assures us he was still paid undue attention by one particularly frisky Ladyboy. Y’see, young Notarangelo still ended up a gibbering, nervous wreck and claims the sex-swap diva was ‘undressing him with her eyes’.

We’ve got news for you, Lewis. After years and years of media attention, top PR handling and sell out show across the world the Ladyboys are fussy.   So we reckon you’re probably safe.

Having said that, when you’re back at the Big Top in The Meadows to see the show, we suggest you wear a cricket box – as the Ladyboys have a funny way of showing their affection (just ask Rory).

Check out the girls in action here: