Let’s Hair It For The Girls

by Laura Berry

Friday, November 18th, 2011

Holyrood PR, ImpostersAs the Movember midway point encroaches it seems we have a couple of hairy imposters in the Holyrood PR office. 

Not wanting to feel left out in the moustache growing competition that has sweeped the office this Movember, the girls in the office came up with their own novel way of getting involved – by donning fake moustaches for the day. 

Sporting a range of tashes including a few bushy affairs and an assortment of handlebars, the girls took to moustache wearing rather easily and in fact some of them looked rather at home with a hairy upper lip. 

With the help of our photographer Duncan Simpson we have come up with this latest batch of pictures of the team but can you spot the imposters

Also check out the boys posing for the camera – it seems the extra hair has had a rather strange effect on them! 

A big thank you this week to some of our generous donors Christina Cran, Ricky Nicol, Jane Cumming, Joe Walton and Jeanne Brooks Adrian’s generous mother in law, who have all got behind us and encouraged us to come up with the hairy scary photos each week. 

You can view our latest progress on our Facebook page and if you want to make a donation for our efforts please visit our dedicated Movember page

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