Let Our Links Brighten Up Your Day

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Let Our Links Brighten Up Your Day

Holyrood PR Blog

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I don’t know what it is about Instagram pictures but they make me quite happy. One click and the image you are given transports you right back to a decade like the sixties giving you that vintage and beautiful look. Imagine what it does for the rich and the famous when they are capturing their lives in their mansions, on their yachts and private airplanes. Ah how the other half live.



Women are apparently smarter than men… tell me something I don’t know! Researchers have found that women are now scoring higher than men in IQ scores. This is a first in 100 years of IQ testing as women have lagged behind men by as much as five points. But those days are no more with women taking the lead. To explain why women have scored higher, experts believe it is due to the demands of modern age as women try to juggle home life and careers. Personally I believe we’ve always been the smarter and fairer sex, it just took IQ testing a while to finally notice that!



The possibilities of art creation seem endless, even the vagina panties I posted yesterday might be considered by some as artistic!
But now for something a bit more tasteful with Nagai Hideyuki’s 3D pencil art! He uses a projection technique called anamorphosis and the illusion is created when the drawings are viewed from a particular angle!
Check out the bomb detonator piece at the bottom-it blows yer heed’s visual perspective apart!



So, it turns out we can rest easy in our beds, free from the disturbing worry that little green men could, at any moment, descend from the sky in their spacecraft and steal us from our sleep. The latest trove of official UFO files, released on July the 12th by the UK government, demonstrate, once and for all, that the likelihood of our planet having been the recipient of regular extra terrestrial visitation is highly unlikely. Not because aliens don’t exist, but because we simply aren’t interesting enough as a planet. As one UFO investigator is quoted as saying: “One is driven to the conclusion that a visit to an insignificant planet, such as the Earth, of an uninteresting star (the sun) would probably not occur more than once in 1,000 years or so, even if one assumes that every intelligent community makes, say, 10 launches a year”. Good to know they’ve thought it through.  


SONG POP (Victoria)

After the roaring success of the apps Draw Something and Words With Friends, Song Pop is now hot on their tails after a frenzy of activity on Facebook and Twitter over the past few weeks.
Like Draw Something and Words With Friends, Song Pop allows you to play with your friends and share your activity on the social networks.
It differs in that the app is built around music, and you listen to a clip of a song and have to guess what it is within a certain time limit.
It has various playlists of differing genres, and you can unlock more by winning coins.
I am fast becoming very addicted!