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Leaf Through Our Stormy Links

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Fart deodorisers

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I probably don’t need to explain much here but we’ve all been there-an unexpected moment in an inappropriate place unless of course you’re one of those people who enjoy making lift journeys uncomfortable.
Well I’ve got just the ticket with these flatulence deodorizer pads which you place inside your underwear to mask the smell. What a revolution. You can buy these on ebay by wnef2924 who is selling them as Fart Be Gone for just $23.95! Oh yes that’s just $23.95!


So, it’s that time of year again; tennis enthusiasts everywhere are stocking up on strawberries and champagne and Scotland grits its teeth in anticipation as once again Andy Murray goes into the breech. And it appears we are not alone. Maggie, Murray’s Border terrier, is also eagerly anticipating her owner’s upcoming matches, so much so she has launched her own blog. Appearing on The Tennis Space Maggie, who also has a Twitter account, discusses topical issues such as being banned from Wimbledon and having ‘people’ to fetch tennis balls for her. I can’t wait to see what other insightful gems come out over the next few weeks, stay tuned….


Ever look around the street and wonder where the ancestors of Adam and Eve ran off to? Well 72-year-old Ian Kinnard is just that. Researchers from Britain’s DNA have found a genetic marker Ian inherited from his mother that traces his ancestry to an African Lineage not yet found in Western Europe. Dubbed, “the grandson of Eve” and “The grandfather of everyone in Britain,” Ian’s genes most likely arrived from Africa with the arrival of senegalise slaves to Liverpool, where his mother’s family is from. While most men usually have a genome with about 200 mutations, Ian’s is over 30,000 years old and only two genetic mutations removed from the first woman.  Since Ian is male, he can’t pass on the marker, but his sister and his niece fortunately can! Cool!


Ever had the annoying feeling of trying to get a knife through solid butter?  Well you won’t anymore after Warburtons has invented a heated knife to ensure that you’re toast doesn’t get torn apart anymore. The knife which will be powered by batteries will heat up to 41.8 degrees celsius. The hilarious thing about all this is that research carried out by the brand found that one percent of the British public- all men have resorted to heating butter with a hair dryer to avoid the problem. Ah aren’t they all so self sufficient?


I had a stab at playing Mario on the computer lastnight. Unfortunately the programme was rubbish but this artist’s amazing 3D creation has cured the disappointment. Watch as Chris Carlson craefully draws Super Mario in 3D using just chalk-I should have stuck it out at Graphic Design.