Laying It Bare For National Working Naked Day

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I have fond childhood memories of looking through Where’s Wally books, which I used to adore, well now there’s a new kid on the block. Ontario-based graphic designer, Andrew Knapp poses a novel challenge: Find Momo. Andrew’s 4 year old border collie, Momo likes to try and hide from his owner when playing fetch, which is why Andrew started taking pictures of his canine pal. Originally the photo’s were merely intended to entertain his young nephews and nieces but after posting one in Instagram the global appreciation was immense. In the end Andrew set up a blog to post these quirky pictures – so what are you waiting for: Where’s Momo?​ 


A question that has had people baffled for so many years: which came first, the chicken or the egg?
Well this video thoroughly explains all, and leaves you with the final answer. But try replicating what you just heard to your friends in the pub! This video was posted AsapSCIENCE on YouTube, a team who try to solve any unanswered questions people might be having and so far it has had over 1 million hits since being uploaded last week.
So if you are ever asked that question again, you will now know the answer. 

TIME FOR TGIT? (Catrina)

Is it time for our working week to be shortened to 4 days? Back in the 19th Century you were lucky enough to get a Sunday off, and then huzzah, we were given the two day weekend.  However President Jammeh of the African nation of Gambia has consolidated the working week for public sector workers to Monday – Thursday, 8am-6pm as he feels the extra day off with prove beneficial for praying, social activities and agriculture.
The BBC have written an interesting article about whether or not other countries would benefit from a three day weekend:


In a real power to the people move, head office employees at stricken music retailer HMV took over the firm’s official Twitter account yesterday.
Yesterday saw the loss of 190 jobs at HMV and so a rogue insider decided to provide an update on these firings via Twitter using the hashtag ‘hmvXFactorFiring’.
A bit of toing and froing followed with tweets were being deleted seconds after being posted, presumably after their activity was rumbled.
I’m sure that wasn’t part of their social media strategy!


We’ve all had that moment when you parents embarrass you. Whether it’s the things they say about you to people when you were little or the things they do to either be funny or show you they love you. Here is a collection of possibly some of the most embarrassing actions by parents caught on camera. My favourite out of this lot is the picture of a present from a mum to her son. It is a jar of beetroot which says on the lid ‘Beets by Dr Dre.’ Oh yeah cause that is the beats he really wants.