15-year-old student understands the 9-5 workings in Holyrood PR


Lasswade High School pupil Hayden Stewart gets a taste of the PR world with Scottish PR agency

My Highschool gave me an opportunity to find myself some work experience at a Scottish PR Agency

When my highschool gave me an opportunity to find myself some work experience for a week, I knew Holyrood PR was the best option for me to go for.

On my first day of work experience, I was very looking forward to meeting the team and looking forward to what tasks they were getting me to do.

The week before, I didn’t have a very good understanding of what a PR company does or what work is within the industry. 

I was a bit nervous of meeting the team but once I got settled there was nothing to be nervous about.   

Once I arrived, I was welcomed very pleasantly the entire team was so welcoming and made me feel that this was a safe place for work.  

The team was so helpful throughout the week keeping me doing tasks and helping me get a full understanding of what work I had to do. 

The team was very organized and had a planned schedule of what I had to do each day and what work needed to be done.

I worked with Microsoft Start which I am not very used to, as at school I work with Google, but the team assured me of how it works step by step helping me get a full understanding of what Microsoft is all about.  

The reason why I went to Holyrood PR was to get a full understanding between the difference of Journalism and working for a PR company. As my week has finished, I have got a fully understanding of the differences thanks to the amazing team.

I much enjoyed the tasks that I received from the team and writing my schedule out every day as I am a very organized person. 

As I am only 15, I have lots of time to decide whether PR is the right work for me or if I would rather go into the Journalism side of work. 

The week has gone so fast, and I have enjoyed every part of it.  

I am so thankful for the fantastic week of work experience, and to the brilliant Holyrood PR team for making it such a fun, exciting week.  

I hope to see the Holyrood PR team again in the future.


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