Knock Yourself Out With Our Monday Five

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Knock Yourself Out With Our Monday Five

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The web is full of mock up songs taking a poke at modern day phenomena and Sit on my Facebook is latest to be flagged up in the Holyrood team.
With only 277,918 hits since July 2010 The Scribes track has gone fairly unnoticed on the radar. With a colourful music video and lyrics like like ‘Sit on my Facebook,
and let me Twitter all over you, come on over to MySpace so I can make you scream Yahoo” it’s maybe only a matter of time before this rockets into another YouTube fave. 

SOUP FAIL (Victoria)

I remember there was quite a bit of buzz around the New Covent Garden Soup Company’s competition to win a farm a few months ago and I had been wondering who the lucky winner was.
The promotion started last October and all budding farmers had to do was purchase a special pack of Covent Garden Soup and redeem a code on a dedicated website to be in with the chance of winning a £500,000 farm.
At the time of launch, Group Marketing Director Nigel Parott hailed the stunt as “simply unique”, expecting it to attract huge numbers of new consumers with the idea of living “the good life” by escaping to the country.
It has now emerged that the competition had no winner!
The firm wrote on it’s Facebook yesterday: “Unfortunately, no one was lucky enough to win themeselves a farm this time around”.
This was immediately followed by an uproar among it’s Facebook fans which has since reverborated around the internet.
It will be interesting to see how the brand handle this crisis, which could potentially result in consumer distrust.


Advertisers are becoming more savvy in the people they are communicating to or in this case the dogs they are communicating to. This advert for dog food brand Bakers Complete seems like any other ad on the surface but is actually quite different. Throughout the advert sounds and noises are played which only dogs can hear. In turn Bakers tested the advert on 12 dogs to see what the reaction would be. Surprisingly they all showed an interest in the noise with some of them even approaching the TV screen. Look out to see if your canine pal takes an interest- you may find this is their new dish of the day!


It’s been five years since dad Pete Higgins had a blinding flash of inspiration when he almost fed dangerously out of date food to his young son. In that time he has given up his career and used his life savings pursuing his belief that his idea could change the world.
With his invention about to go into mass production, it is now attracting big name investors  and to cap it all has just won its second major science/innovation award in just six months.
Not only am I delighted for Pete – who never stopped believing – but I’m also reminded that in this tech-obsessed world, it is often the simplest ideas which are the most important.


At Holyrood PR, we have long been users of Klout in order to determine and track the value of our social media.  But now a new tool has been developed which puts a monetary value on your Twitter account.
According to ‘Whats My Twitter Account Worth’, Lady Gaga’s account is valued at a whopping $9,501,240!
In an ongoing lawsuit between an employer and former employee over the ownership of a Twitter account, it was suggested that each follower is worth $2.50.
So if this is true, then this application may not be terribly accurate but it is quite a fun gimmick all the same.
For the those curious, my Twitter is worth a mesely $23…any buyers?