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It’s a great pub poser – if your home were on fire, what would you take with you if you had the time to choose a handful of stuff. As well as being a great way to declutter your house, it’s a question that reveals a great deal about personality, priorities and interests. This website not just poses the question, it offers people the chance to display their favourite possessions for the world to see – and question their wisdom.  So have a look to see how people wrestle between the practical and the sentimental, slotting in much loved toys, music and mementos.


There are three letters that is becoming integral to PR – SEO – and although there are obviously experts on the subject, some PR professionals have only heard of it and not much else. So, to brush up on your SEO skills, PR Moment has put together this article which gives you “everything a PR professional needs to know about search engine optimisation”. Get climbing up those ranks.


There’s probably a heap of things a dad can do to embarrass his kids (I can think of a few choice events from my past that have sparked the cry – Aw Daaaaaaaaaad!), but Dale Price must surely be topping the list.  For the past year, Dale has dressed up in a different fancy dress costume to wave off his son Rain when he started taking the bus to his local school in Utah for the first time.  It started off as a laugh when he overheard Rain telling wife Rochelle that he was being embarrassing by getting emotional when he headed off in the bus on the first day.  Dale then decided that was a challenge he had to live up to.  That’s now lead to a procession of outfits, from Michael Jackson to Ninjas to a rather scary Wonder Women, being donned by Dale each morning.  And such was the interest in Dale’s dare that he’s started his own App as well as appearing on local TV and newspapers. View – and enjoy….


A Facebook craze known as “planking” which sees people from around the world photograph themselves lying flat out in the most unusual places, crept its way in to the animal world this week.  This grey squirrel was spotted putting in an enviable  “planking” effort, sparking a photographer into thinking that the furry creature was actually a keen social media player?  That’s just annoying!


Did you know that approximately 350 slices of pizza are eaten every second in the US? With pizza, comes packaging, so a crafty man has created a pizza box that can be transformed into serving plates. Not only can the top of the pizza box be torn off and used as serving plates, the bottom can be created into a small storage box. So less cleaning, less waste and recycle heaven. It just needs to hit the UK now!