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So since the Tesco horse burger fiasco broke last week many people have been left wondering where their food comes from. Well McDonalds in Austraila has come up with a way in which people can find out by making their supply chain information on an app called TrackMyMacca. It employs the GPS of your smartphone to pinpoint your exact McDonald’s location and image recognition software to visualise what you’ve purchased. It then tracks the exact origins of the ingredients of the product. Not sure how successful it will work out to be.


There is no doubt adverts are a powerful thing.  The great adverts stick in our mind, even the terrible ones, and even the ones you wish you could forget…not mentioning names, but even the advert seems to be trying to get rid of him! However in my opinion this is one of the craziest advertising stunts I have seen in a while, a Brazilian fashion designer has used real CCTV footage of his store being robbed by a gang of thieves in masks to advertise his sale. The clothing brand ‘Reserva’ clothing shows sped up black-and-white clips of thieves smashing through the store window and grabbing clothes in a raid in São Paulo during December, overlaid with bold captions about the store’s sale with the added touch of music. I am not sure this is the most effective way to advertise a sale, but if you want to ‘make a steal’ it would appear that this can be done; probably most preferably by going in and buying the clothes and not leaving shattered window glass on the clean floor!


When this handy page popped up on my Facebook news-feed, my first instinct was to assume the content was going to be quite gross.  Not down to the person who posted it (well maybe a little) but because that seems to be generally what gets people sharing and re-posting these days. However, it turned out that ’50 Life Hacks to Simplify Your World’ is actually a very useful list of practical, money saving tips to help make life easier. From using paper clips to stylishly organise cables to getting every last scrap of Nutella out of the jar by adding ice cream, this list is highly illuminating. My favourite tip, having spent far too many hours of my life being a general dogsbody backstage at a local concert hall, is the tip to use a (clean) dustpan to fill a container that will not fit in the sink. Time and energy saving genius! Or maybe it’s the one where you use an old cassette case as an iPhone stand. Or using toothpaste to clean hazard lights…. I suggest you check out the page and make up your own mind.​


Jimmy Kimmel’s back with another installment of “Jimmy Kimmel Talks to Kids”. Kimmel sits down with boys and girls to find out what they believe the real difference is between the sexes. Kid’s being kids they provided Kimmel with an array of hilarious yet innocent responses. Keep watching until the end as one little girl actually gets it bang on with an amusing little rhyme.​


As we mostly communicate these days using social media, Smartphone’s, email, etc, I found it amazing to read that a message sent in a bottle around 76 years had been found and given to the family of the man who wrote it.  The bottle was discovered on New Zealand’s Ninety Mile Beach by Geoff Flood in November and is believed to have been written in 1936 by Herbert Ernest Hillbrick, who is thought to have been aboard a P&O cruise ship.  The message said ‘At sea. Would the finder of this bottle kindly forward this note, where found, date, to under mentioned address.’ However, it understood that Mr Hillbrick had died in the 1940s but his grandson, Peter Hillbrick, was living in Australia. It is amazing to think that this bottle may have been all over the world time and time again without being noticed and has managed to arrive at its intended destination, granted it had taken it slightly longer that probably first anticipated, but still it’s fascinating to say the least! The metro have a video and images, have a wee look: