Keep your business profile in rude health by looking after it over the long term.

by Ross Stebbing

Tuesday, December 9th, 2014

It’s PR not ER, so choose a sustained campaign to avoid trauma treatment.

Edinburgh PR Agency piecing together the PR in essential business guidePublic relations means different things to different businesses, so here’s our helpful guide which explains the separate parts of the PR services jigsaw – in this post we explore long-term PR. Which element of public realtions could you use to energise sales, convince and convert customers or motivate staff?

Scottish Public relations agency's sustained campaign for Scottish ActressIT’S A simple fact that if you look after yourself, you’re likely to live longer.

Better than that, if you manage to stick to a healthy living regime you’ll not only feel better, chances are you’ll actually start to look better.  As your confidence increases you’ll hold yourself more positively, your clothes will fit better. Heck, your skin might even glow!

Now think about your business reputation. If you’re doing the basics to look after it, then you’ll give your service or product greater longevity. But what if you could go further and give your company the kind of boost to vitality that made sure you drew more admiring glances?

A sustained public relations campaign for a business is the equivalent of putting yourself through a long-term fitness and healthy eating programme. The benefits may take a while to kick in, but when they do you will most definitely feel the advantages.

In business terms those advantages are measurable, from increased sales and profits, to greater customer loyalty, improved staff morale and motivation and greater brand awareness and positive sentiment.

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In public relations, as with so much else in life, the greatest rewards come to those who are prepared to really invest over 12 months and more. To put in the time, effort and commitment – and let’s not forget the money. Long term commitment to public relations services delivered by our Edinburgh PR agency has delivered stunning successes for our diverse clients, from wind farm operators to care home providers to High Street fashion stores.

Clients like Scottish actress, Louise Linton. Despite being blessed with drop dead gorgeous good looks, a Hollywood lifestyle and a burgeoning movie career, Louise was missing recognition in her homeland for her work.

Public relations agency for Hollywood actressWith our help over a sustained period, we saturated the Scottish media market with Louise-related news stories, entertainment features and platform interviews, across national media. We also secured front covers in lifestyle and entertainment titles including Seven Days Magazine, Scottish Woman, Unfiltered Magazine and the Your Life supplement, along with countless mentions on entertainment blogs and news sites all across the globe.

Perhaps more surprisingly we also helped Louise to be featured in the business media and we enabled her strongly held views and opinions on the Independence Referendum to feature in print and online – where her thoughts were shared extensively via social media.

All of this was possible because Louise was prepared to commit to a long-term public relations campaign. While we are happy to work with clients on short-term projects (see our post about what is possible), it takes a lot more time to achieve these kind of results.

Sustained campaigns are required for us to really understand your business and to truly establish brand awareness within the media. Journalists also begin to recognise your name and soon appreciate that, via our agency, you can be relied on to provide first class editorial content.

A sustained campaign also allows further opportunities for growth – writers begin to contact us proactively for your views and opinions, more platform features and interview slots become available, while social media benefits also kick in to maximum media exposure.

Public relations in Edinburgh, Scotland for Banks RenewablesThe good news is you don’t have to be a Hollywood star to reap the benefits. Wind energy firm Banks Renewables earned 66 items of positive media coverage and a record number of supportive messages from the public on one of its sites, thanks to a  long-term PR commitment. That campaign won the gold PR award for Best Media Relations at the 2014 CIPR Pride Awards.

Meanwhile we have proven time after time that even the least glamorous businesses – among them vibration safety experts, courier companies and water quality experts – can see stellar results if they’re prepared to commit.

Find out how our public relations agency in Edinburgh could help your business

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