Edinburgh PR Agency has set me up for life - Kallan Final Week Blog

by Kallan Glynn

Thursday, September 29th, 2016

My first full time job at an Edinburgh PR Agency has come to an end but it has set me up for life.

Kallan Final Week Blog

IT’S MY final week as a PR Assistant at Holyrood PR. So to help me move on I thought that I’d write a blog post on the rollercoaster experience I’ve had here in the last 13 months.

When I was first offered the opportunity to interview, the term ‘PR’ was somewhat of a mystery to me much beyond those enthusiastic souls handing out leaflets in the street (which isn’t really PR), combined with what I’d managed to Google.

I’ll admit it – I had zero experience or knowledge of the industry.

Fast forward 13 months later, I’m coming out of this amazing opportunity, with my eye firmly on a career within what I now believe to be the most exciting industry in the business world.

The Early Days

It may seem mad to consider August 2015, just 13 months previous, as the early days – but it is genuinely how they now feel. I was just another 18 year old who had no idea what to do with his life and my sole goal was to gain as much experience as I could in pretty much any job going.

For a young Tranent lad with no higher education, I felt I had to help myself or be left behind.

Through this opportunity I’ve achieved many things, however having to attend a four year university course like a lot of my colleagues; was not one of them. Instead, I’ve managed to work in different areas of the business, gaining skills in office management, media analysis, written for many spectrums of the media and in creating my own ways to approach problems and issues.

First things first

This was my first proper full time job, when I walked through the door to the office I was nervous to say the least. The very first thing that I had to do – besides all the boring stuff of singing contracts and getting a tour of the office – was learn how to do the Cuttings Analysis.

I remember coming in on my first day and being shown this massive spreadsheet with all these numbers and all these words that made absolutely no sense. I was so scared! But with the guidance from Linsay the expert office manager, within a few weeks I was able to grab online coverage, scan coverage and log it all with no bother. I was really enjoying myself and felt like I was truly responsible in my own small way for the success of the business.


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After this, I learned how to edit and upload to the website, looking to create posts, how to upload press releases, blogs and coverage uploads. This is a vital part of what Holyrood PR offer their clients, so it was a great feeling to be instrumental in helping achieve those goals.

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The moment of realisation

Following a year of doing different things in different areas of the business, I realised that this PR industry is one I want to be involved in for the foreseeable future.  I enjoy working in the communications industry and I want to continue working within it.

So, having spotted the opportunity of a long term traineeship in an internal communications role, I decided to apply and hope for the best. After all, I never had to go to university and all I knew was taught to me by the expert team I have worked with for the last 13 months.

As my apprenticeship was nearing the end of its time I thought that it would be the ideal opportunity to go from apprentice to industry veteran. I owe this opportunity that I have been given to the whole Holyrood PR team, without them I would never have the chance to move into such an exciting opportunity.

What I learned

Over the course of the year I learned that my writing skills are a lot better than I first thought they were. But I also improved them, getting better and better with every press release or blog post that I’d written.

Here is my big tip to the next young hopefuls out there – the clue to success is in the name: communication. During my time here my skills in communicating with other people got better, whether it be calling and asking questions to source a story or speaking in public in general. Communication is everything. Keeping the account managers updated, flagging up issues and talking about successes.

I also learned a lot about keeping to a deadline. Previously, the closest I got to a deadline was a homework assignment at high school. Now I’m a pro at keeping to them.

I’ll be moving on to become an Internal Communications Trainee at prestigious firm, Aberdeen Assets Management. I feel so privileged to have had the experience of working for such a highly regarded and award winning team here at Holyrood PR.

It’s been an experience that I’ll never forget and will take with me all that I have learned, into future jobs and in my future career.

There may be a changing of the guard at out apprentice PR Assistant position, however we are always keen to hear from quality applicants, regardless of experience.  

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Kallan Glynn joined PR agency Holyrood PR as an apprentice

Private: Kallan Glynn

Kallan Glynn joined Scottish public relations agency Holyrood PR as part of the Government-approved QA Apprenticeships scheme. It means he is learning the ropes from an expert PR team.

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