Just One Thing For RBS Caledonian Challenge

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STV JUst One Thing Caledonian ChallengeThe RBS Caledonian Challenge climbs for more PR Scotland.

One of the UK’s biggest charity endurance events has been featured in STV online for its Just One Thing feature with one of this year’s challengers!

Angela Hamilton-Geraghty is turning 50 this year and decided she would challenge herself to complete 49 personal feats-small and large-before her birthday in August and the RBS Caledonian Challenge was one of them.

By far her biggest challenge but also the most rewarding and she has invited you to do the same in an effort to raise funds for the Scottish Community Foundation.

She describes her experience of tackling the 54 mile trek in 24 hours with her team, the Cheeky Chicks, as ‘incredible’ and said: ‘If you just did one thing in your life it would be to do the RBS Caledonian Challenge it’s very fulfilling and very exhilerating.’

The Cheeky Chicks has so far managed to raise more than £6,800 for the Scottish Community Foundation.

The full video feature can be viewed on the STV website and was secured on behalf of the RBS Caledonian Challenge thanks to an ongoing PR campaign with Holyrood PR.