June delivers on TV quiz show

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With 20 years in the courier industry under her belt, June Dyer is well-versed on all things delivery rated.

But when she was asked at the last minute to attend a job by her bosses at Eagle Couriers, Scotland’s leading independent courier company, her delivery skills were put to the test.

Eagle Couriers was asked by to supply a courier to take part in a scene for T4 game show Relentless which aired at Hogmanay. June had to learn a ‘courier script’ before handing over a clown costume and keyboard to one of the show’s contestants as part of a special task for a cash prize.

June said: “I only found out ten minutes before I arrived at the house what was going on – it came as a real shock.

“I’m always dressed smartly in my uniform but it was the day before I was due to get my haircut and I was wearing my t-shirt as opposed shirt and tie. But I had no time to think of that and instead needed to concentrate on learning my courier script.

“In my 20 years working for Eagle Couriers that has to be one of the strangest, and certainly the most public, things I have had to do.”

June was with the film crew at Edinburgh’s Watson Street for 90 minutes. They filmed her driving up to the house, walking up the path and making the delivery.

Graham Macpherson, Director at the company that employs 100 people between its bases in Edinburgh and Glasgow, said: “June was a complete star and took on this delivery head-on like any other. We are all looking forward to watching her relay her ‘courier script’ on screen.”

You can read the full story in the Evening News here or by following the link: http://news.scotsman.com/scotland/June39s-ready-to-deliver-on.4838512.jp