Juicy Tuesday’s Top Five Internet Highs

Holyrood PR Blog

Juicy Tuesday’s Top Five Internet Highs

Holyrood PR Blog

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We always feel like we’ve gained something if we’ve spotted the plotline in a film before anyone else does – usually followed by a gloating feast.
Now the internet is rife with movie spoilers forcing us to shield not just our ears but also our eyes before it destroys the ending of a movie. But as Cracked points out, sometimes films cheekily expose themselves to us, teasing us to pick up on what in hindsight seems obvious.
Starting off with Jurassic Park, this compact list takes you through some cinema favourites – can you vouch for being the smart arse and knotting these out?


Boroughmuir High School was lucky enough to come under the umbrella list of schools that are being rebuilt in Edinburgh. This week the first images for the new plans have been unveiled with the site being set at Fountainbridge to replace the old brewery.
Already notching up positive feedback, it’s set to feature a roof top multi-games area – no doubt going score high with new students arriving for its opening in 2016. Might take some lessons from the long catalogue of back to school movies and attempt an identity cheat.


Snoring has always been viewed as something to laugh at and rip the culprits for. Monsters in cartoons lying snoring, while someone tries to creep by always make us giggle. However, in reality it is quite a serious problem because for some individuals snoring can affect their quality of life drastically. With one in three suffering from being a noisy sleeper a group of researchers decided to take action with a study named the ‘snoring MOT’. Choosing six nose whaling culprits, it was found there were a few ways these snorers could stop their snoring. The main treatments were weight loss, mouth guards and different nasal sprays, all with high success rates. So snorers tell your partners to take out their ear plugs, there is a cure.

GAME JAM (Sarah)

Dementia is being tackled by the new generation. A ‘Game Jam’ is being hosted by Glasgow Caledonian University and Glasgow School of Art. A 48 hour brain storm session is being held for avid video gamers to develop new digital based therapies for patients! It is known that brain exercises can strengthen brain connections, reducing the risk of Dementia. Therefore, the digital designs made will hopefully be generated into well-known therapies across the country. The University is also bringing in some of the big industry names for a judging panel- the young gamers have an opportunity to showcase their talents to the big bosses of the digital industry.


Has the phenomenon of Facebook eventually started to die? This is the question posed to teenagers. At PR Weeks recent PR and The Media conference, Rod McKenzie from BBC R1 newsbeat stated that Facebook has lost its credibility with young people as it is now filled with mums and…..PR people. Has Facebook lost its novelty factor? It can be seen as a hindrance as now it is a main investigative method for employers when looking to fill a vacancy. Youngsters are also complaining about the ‘drama’ it causes, believing they can express themselves better on image based social media sites such as instagram and snapchat.
However it seems it’s not a lost cause just yet and we’ll merely adapt to fit in with this mumsy social networking domain.