Jim’ll Paint It this Friday for Holyrood High Fives

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JIM’LL PAINT IT (Aoibhínn)

Forget Jim’ll Fix It, meet Jim’ll Paint It. MS Paint artist Jim draws anything people ask him to draw – no matter how specific, surreal or obscure the demands are. He claims he is “here to make your wildest dreams a reality using nothing but Microsoft Paint (no tablets, no touch ups). Ask me to paint anything you wish and I will try.” It seems Jim has indeed had some bizarre but hilarious requests: Please paint me a picture of Brian Blessed riding a Henry hoover alongside D’n’B DJ Goldie on a Dyson. They are racing on the Mario kart level rainbow road and are both drunk on white ace cider. Fancy sending in your own request? Or perhaps you just want to have a look at the gallery of wacky MS Paint creations just check out the below link:


Harvey Nichols has been caught in some hot water recently after their latest marketing campaign caused controversy. The upmarket department store received complaints the adverts they had created were unsuitable as they were sexually explicit, displayed lesbian kissing and were offensive on religious grounds. 

However, the body that approved the adverts were a bit more ahead of the times and explaining to all the complainers out there that they kissing was actually depicting a woman kissing herself. The idea was that is you shop at the store then you will fall in love with yourself all over again. Either way, definitely an example of clever marketing that will get people talking about the store.


Good news for those who already have seen and loved ‘The Hangover’ and ‘The Hangover 2’ as the third instalment of this crazy and absolutely hilarious comedy is coming out this summer. However, some of you are probably thinking, ‘what else could happen?’ especially after one guy who woke up with tiger in the bathroom and lost their friend, by get ready because Todd Philips has a bunch of surprises for you to enjoy.


Have you ever been left terrified by scary sounds during the night? Like when those rain smashes on the window and freaks you out? Or maybe the loud crashing sounds when strong winds are roaring through your window? This is nothing compared to the list of The Most Terrifying Sounds You Will Ever Hear, which has been compiled by buzzfeed. Here you can hear some of the world’s most chilling sounds from the bottom of the ocean, hurricane winds and even Saturn.


I am never shy in coming forward about the fact I am a feminist, although I have learned, with age, to know when to keep that particular can of worms well and truly sealed. Today is not one of those days. Not only is it Women’s Day (for all that means) but the Huffington Post have published an article featuring some unsettling facts about women in the work force. For more stats like the fact that 11 of the UK’s top 50 retailers have no women on their boards at all, click the link below.