It’s Raining Links This Thursday


It’s Raining Links This Thursday

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WHO’S THAT GIRL??? (Laura)

I’ve been secretly enjoying New Girl America’s latest sit com to come to our shores, so I was pretty intrigued when I came across this link on Google+ today. For those of you who watch the show you will know that it starts with a theme tune sang by the lead character Jess called ‘whose that girl’ Now broadcaster Fox have created an extended version of the opening song complete with interactive features that allow the viewer to choose what happens to Jess in the song. You can decide whether she falls or stumbles, does the chicken dance or the flashdance or whether she jazzes things up a little. So far the video has been shared over 2,000 times on twitter and has 6,000 like on facebook – not bad! It’s a great example from Fox of how social media and video can be incorporated into a PR or advertising campaign to generate buzz and attract even more viewers and customers, something which Holyrood PR has been telling its clients for years!


Mad Men is due to come back to our screens in March and I can’t wait. However if you are tired of waiting till then and even just to see the beginning credits will wet your appetite, you may enjoy the spoof video which features Darth Vader as Don Draper. I particularly like the end scene with Darth Vader sitting with his lightsaber in hand in place of Don Draper’s usual cigarette. Let’s hope when Mad Men returns that Don Draper is back in his rightful place.


As if former politician Lembik Opik hadn’t already embarassed himself enough by dating Cheeky Girls and appearing in I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, he has now thought it a great idea to star in a music video by an unsigned band called The Good Suns.Dressed in a suit, Opik mouths the words of “Pop Wound” whilst writhing around on a London rooftop.It’s a bit like watching your dad dancing. So unbelievably cringe.Reactions to his music video appearance have varied thus far, with one YouTube user commenting below the video questioning the state of Opik’s mental health.Watch, if you’re brave.


A Scottish graduate sick of receiving countless knock backs from job applications got creative and decided to cause a public stir by auctioning himself on Ebay. Absolute genius and it turns out he was the year below me at school-Edinburgh really is a village. Ross Laing graduated with a marketing degree last year but after applying for over 150 jobs and not even getting an interview he has taken drastic measures in an effort to attract the attention of potential employers. Ross, 24, from Haddington has insisted that the proceeds of the bidding-which started at a bargain price of 1p-will be donated to a charity chosen by the successful bidder. With a dream of being a successful marketing manager he has certainly put himself on the map in terms of creativity and uniqueness. Good Luck to ye! 


Filing you tax return can be difficult and if you’ve never done it it’s easy to forget. However don’t underestimate the powers of the tax man. The HMRC are using new technology to identify parts of the economy likely to have a high number of missing tax returns. One particular industry highlighted was the ‘direct selling’ industry which includes companies such as Ann Summers, Avon and Jamie at Home. These companies employ people to entertain people in their homes whilst selling products. It is easy to see why there is a crackdown as a lot of these sales are cash in hand. Companies trading on sites such as eBay are also likely to be affected.  Don’t worry however if you are a bone fide eBay seller as it will not affect you. Phew.