Is London losing its lustre?

by Ross Stebbing

Wednesday, July 8th, 2015

Can any UK city compare with London? Our Scottish PR agency discusses why Edinburgh is giving the Big Smoke a run for its money

the-shard-661294_1280IS LONDON losing its lustre?

Perhaps, according to recent Guardian reports which suggests young professionals are now tiring of the capital’s honey-trap living.

Flocking to other regions in the UK, ambitious 20 and 30-something’s are seeking cheaper rents and a more attainable lifestyle without having to compromise on career progression.

More than ever cities such as Glasgow, Manchester and Newcastle are providing a stellar mix of career opportunity with start ups, international and boutique companies – perfect for those looking to climb the career ladder.

However, one of the most exciting and standout cities going from strength to strength has to be Edinburgh.

From Skyscanner to Heineken and Rockstar to Distrify – there is an impressive array of start ups and international firms that make the Scottish capital a key contender on a bigger scale.

With the cost of living differing by eye watering volumes between both capitals – is the decision really that hard to make?Edinburgh

Bigger Fish In a Smaller Pond

Simple science. Its easier to network in a room with fewer people, and the same goes on a city-wide scale. With the population of Edinburgh to London standing at a difference of almost 8,500,000 it’s far easier to make acquaintances with the right people in the right circles.

BePR Agency write blog to help business more than a small fish in a big pond – by reading our guide to how businesses outwith the main cities can still get the headlines they deserve 


money in pocketStart Up Not Down

With rents, overheads and supply costs set at cheaper rates – it’s a no brainer that your start up costs would be cheaper also.

And with lower start up costs that should mean more money in your own pocket!

Less Competition

If London has everything already – then why not bring something unique to other locations around the country. Be a pioneer in your field by finding a clear gap in the market for a new and unique service, product or business.

And according to even newer reports, Graduates are rejecting London and heading up North. Recent reports from the Intergenerational Foundation (IF) highlighted how graduate opportunities are flourishing the further North you go.

IF co-founder Angus Hanton said that young people should consider looking outside of London for a better work-life balance:

“Young people want both to work and to be able to afford housing, but in most of the UK they can only do one or the other. While London offers many job opportunities, the capital’s housing crisis means young people may have good jobs but their income is disproportionately swallowed by high housing costs. They could have a better work-life balance by looking North instead.”

Edinburgh is definitely, in our eyes, looking more appealing than London each day.

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