IOW Headlines Bring New Scottish PR Success to Water Experts

by Holyrood PR

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

Panton McLeod headlines secured by Holyrood Partnership PR in ScotlandPanton McLeod, the UK’s leading water quality engineering firm, has been celebrating another piece of high-profile coverage in a leading water industry publication.

The Institute of Water published a story on its website about how Panton McLeod had signed a new deal with Scottish Water – which will see the Borders-based firm clean hundreds of facilities across the country.

Under the deal, Panton McLeod will clean, repair and disinfect more than 400 facilities used to store drinking water across the country. The agreement is the latest high-profile work that the firm has performed for Scottish Water, which included a major repair at Loch Ascog earlier this year and numerous cleaning projects involving the firm’s pioneering underwater robots.

The full coverage can be seen on the Institue of Water website and was the result of a media strategy implemented by Holyrood Partnership PR in Scotland

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