Coverage for All as walking charity hits headlines fast

Paths for All BlogMedia Coverage

Coverage for All as walking charity hits headlines fast

Paths for All BlogMedia Coverage

Scottish charity revels in instant PR success in their first month on the books

NOTHING is better than the feeling of instant gratification. Remember those days when all you’d have to say is “Mum, I’m hungry”, and she’d whip you up some sweet and scrumptious custard to keep you satisfied?

But as we get older, and enter the world of work, that instant gratification just seems harder and harder to come by.

If only business could be that quick, that rewarding and that satisfying. Well here at Holyrood PR, it is.

Our client Paths for All discovered this when they asked us to help them share their enthusiasm and motivate Scotland’s communities to get outside and get walking.

Within just a couple of weeks of starting work with Paths for All, we got to know exactly how they wanted to be portrayed in the media and achieved coverage, with their key messages weaved through it, in almost 50 headlines.

Even though Paths for All are new to the books, we saw no reason to delay achieving big results.

Firstly, the annual Big Fit Walk was launched, calling on communities to join the biggest short walk of the year.

This release was sent to various regional and national publications and we gained some pretty impressive results.

Then, the walking charity wanted us to boost publicity surrounding Scotland’s first ever dementia friendly park launching in Stirling. So, we made it big news.

Highlights in the first month of PR activity for Paths for All included:

  • 48 items of news coverage
  • A prime slot on STV news at 6
  • An extensive range of coverage in regional newspapers
  • A reach of 720,454

In just a month, our work saw over 720,454 people being exposed to the influential, positive messages about Paths for All and the vital work they carry out across Scotland.


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