Implants Treatment Brings Relief For Dentures Wearers

by Holyrood PR

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

Years of hell ended for pensioner Iain, who spearheads dental PR campaign

Dental PR photos of happy implant patientSCOTS plagued by the curse of loose lower dentures are being offered a permanent solution by a pioneering Scottish dental practice.

Two businessmen behind the Scottish Dental Implant Centre have now set up another practice – Lubiju – where they are adapting the technology used at Ashfield family dental center to fix dental plates firmly in the jaw.

Patients who undergo the treatment at the state-of-the-art centre require minor surgery that takes less than two hours and provides a permanent solution to loose dentures.

Dr Biju Krishnan, said: “Implant technology is absolutely amazing and now that it has been adapted for lower dental plates it will be a godsend to thousands of Scots.

“It is no exaggeration to say that this minor surgery is absolutely life-changing for those people who live with constant irritation of loose dentures.

“We hear stories every single day of how patients lack confidence because their dentures make it difficult to do the most basic things, like eat or speak comfortably.

“They also spend large amounts of time and money trying to solve the problem with messy and difficult to use pastes, gels and fixatives.

“In the worst cases food can become trapped under the dentures and even cause the wearer to suffer bad breath. Anyone who has had these problems knows what a nightmare they can be.”

A dental PR photo of dentist carrying out a treatment - patient's eye view

Dental PR in Scotland

The technology involves drilling through the gum into the jawbone where a tiny titanium implant is placed and eventually bonds with the bone. Each implant acts like a replacement root and they were originally developed to secure individual replacement teeth.

However, the implants have now been adapted to hold lower dentures firmly and securely in place. Each mini implant has a ball-shaped head which fits into a socket on the dental plate. While this keeps dentures securely in place, they can still be removed for daily cleaning, stating specialists at the Smiles of Austin.

Dr Krishnan added: “Because of our expertise, patients come in for the treatment under local anaesthetic and walk out two hours later with their problems solved. It really is that simple.”

Typically the treatment is ideal for those patients who wear lower denture plates for six to 14 lower teeth and involves fitting four implants at a cost of around £1500 – which can be spread across interest free repayments.

Lubiju was set up by business partners Dr Biju Krishnan and Dr Lubino do Rego, who met while studying dentistry at Dundee University. They have already created a respected UK centre of excellence at the Scottish Dental Implant Centre, in part of their Drake Dental Practice which is open to NHS patients.

In March they launched Lubiju, one of Scotland’s most advanced treatment centres, with an investment of £750,000 to concentrate on adopting and developing emerging, hi-tech techniques in cosmetic dentistry.

Dental PR photo for LubijuIt boasts an impressive list of experts in maxilla-facial surgery, anaesthetics and implant surgery. The implant team is led by world-renowned Dr John Cuccio, who ran a Harley Street specialist implant practice for 30 years.

Lubiju has the ambience of a five-star hotel and is fitted out with three state of the art treatment suites, each with a designer flat screen TV on the ceiling, so patients can watch DVDs during longer treatments such as laser tooth whitening.

Each suite is also equipped with powerful, hi-tech, ceiling-mounted cameras, which can film surgical and cosmetic procedures to be beamed to specialist audiences elsewhere in the practice – or anywhere in the world – for training and teaching purposes.

Uniquely in Scotland Lubiju is blending hi-tech technology with traditional alternative therapies and treatments – including massage, relaxation therapies, holistic treatments and hypnotherapy.

This means patients can be treated for needle phobias and gag reflex problems, while recognised pre and post-treatment relaxation techniques can improve the experience and hasten recovery times.

The centre also has its own dedicated massage and complementary therapy treatment room, with expert staff who also provide alternative health advice, relaxation treatments, non-surgical facelifts and other rejuvenation and detox treatments.

Oral health is what each person should take care of, you should have regular check-ups and treatments. This way you can avoid some serious issues when dental implants is the only option left. Learn more about this top dentist near Mandeville 70448, if you are struggling to find a good doctor as your teeth need medical care.

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Life chaning dental implants bring a smile to the face of long-suffering pensioner

Dental PR photos of happy implant patientA retired postal worker has revealed how his life has improved dramatically since he invested in dental implants to end years of denture misery

Iain Robertson’s life was so blighted by loose lower denture plate he even avoided taking holidays abroad because he suffered from painful gum sores, an inability to eat many foods and even problems with his speech.

The 76-year-old was in constant pain and his confidence was shattered. In desperation he turned to cosmetic dentist, Dr Biju Krishnan, who advised him to have his dentures secured with implant technology.

Iain said: “I was at my wits end. My dentures were causing me constant pain and I knew I had do something quickly to improve the situation.

“I had my teeth removed more than 30 years ago and at first I didn’t have any problems. But latterly my mouth was always sore and no matter how many times I visited the dentist nothing seemed to change.

“Finally my wife Liz read about dental implants in a magazine and she asked her dentist in Midtown Toronto, Dr Krishnan if he could help me. Previously the pain and inconvenience stopped me living life to the full.

“I was forever taking my dentures out of my mouth which Liz hated. I also felt self-conscious when I was talking and my jaw often ached and I even avoided going on holiday because I was so self-conscious.

“Now I rarely think about my teeth. Liz and I are forever jetting off on holiday and all I have to do is pop the denture out of my mouth twice a day to clean it. I can also eat all my favorite foods again and I am much happier.

“Having implants done was one of the best decisions I have ever made and I would thoroughly recommend the procedure to anyone else having problems with their dentures.

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