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Magic Glasses To See The Stories Others Cant

One of the secrets to successful PR is the ability to see a story. To be really good at it, you have to see the stories that others simply can’t.
In fact, here at our award-winning Scottish PR agency we are so proud of our ability to spot the stories others miss, that we’ve written about some of our favourite examples.
From the Disney lookalike underwater robot, to the tyre-inspired photocall, you can see the cases for yourself in our Sexy PR series of posts.
Alas, we can’t claim to have special powers or any super vision that magically let’s us see the story nuggets.
However, we thought we might have got hold of a pair of  magic glasses. They were sported for the first time by office  trendsetter Ross, who turned up, out of the blue,  wearing these rather fetching specs.
The rest of us were convinced that putting on these fashionable frames would help us look as cool as Ross. Ach well.  Fashionalbe eyewear is obviously beyond us. From here on we’ll just stick to keeping our eyes open for stories.







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