Deborah, 35 & Emma, 9 months

by Catriona Conway-Mortimer

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2019

    PR photograph of Deborah and Emma as part of Humans of the Walk campaign

    “I used to love going to the local buggy walks when I was on maternity leave and so did Emma. She’d always wake up an hour early on a Monday because she knew we were going. She’s quite happy in her buggy. It was a brilliant way to start the week because lots of other mums were there and it was nice to have other folk to talk to and be a part of a group. We still go on buggy walks whenever we can. They really clear my head. I’m so busy all the time now, trying to balance working as a civilian officer and being a mum, so I have to be organised. But my little girl keeps inspiring me to power on.”

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