Dentist’s check on pearly whites reveals treasure – captured in PR photography

Delighted jeweller hits the jackpots with X-ray checks – with story told by our public relations agency

JEWELLER Alistair Tait caused his dentist’s jaw to drop when he asked him to examine his pearly whites.

Instead of complaining of toothache Alistair wanted dentist Keith Jackson to run his expert eye over two monster freshwater pearls.

The antique jeweller thought he had landed two of the largest Scottish pearls ever found. But to ensure the stones were the genuine article he needed Keith to use his hi-tech x-ray equipment to authenticate the find.

Alistair, 47, was able to leave the dental surgery smiling when Keith confirmed the beautiful pearls, which are believed to be more than 100 years old and worth £2500, were the real McCoy.

The story was part of a targeted public relations campaign for antique and fine jeweller, Alistir Wood Tait – read the full story by following this link.

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