property PR photography, The Gullane Beavers have raised money for defibrillators in Gullane with the help of a £1k donation from CALA Homes (East).Jude Leslie and Kids from the Beavers group at Gullane Village Hall – where one of the defibs will be based.

Gullane Beavers hearts captured installing a crucial external defibrillator

Cala Land & Planning

Gullane Beavers hearts captured installing a crucial external defibrillator

Cala Land & Planning

East Lothian village benefits from lifesaving equipment thanks to housebuilder – property PR photography

Members of the East Lothian Scouting Group – Gullane Beavers, were captured installing a crucial external defibrillator at the local village hall, thanks to property PR photography.

The youngest section of an East Lothian Scouting Group has installed a lifesaving external defibrillator at a local village hall as part of a wider campaign to improve first responder facilities across Gullane.

Supported by the British Heart Foundation and a £1000 donation from CALA Homes (East), this is the second external defibrillator installed by the Gullane Beavers’ fundraising initiative.

Stationed at Gullane Village Hall and accessible 24/7, the defibrillator is accessible to the wider community to provide lifesaving first aid at any time of the day or night.

Our property PR experts made sure the installation by the young scouts was captured with high-resolution images that showcase the importance of the initiative.

CALA has a long history working in the Gullane area – contributing more than £3.3 million in section 75 contributions to date.

To find out more about CALA Homes (East), visit

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Beavers are full of heart for life saving defibrillator provisions

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Scouting group capture the media’s heart

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