Banks Renewables uses photography among the professional PR services from Holyrood PR in Edinburgh

PR Photography proves that developments can make a positive visual impact


PR Photography proves that developments can make a positive visual impact


A sample of the 40 photo shoots in a year that helped Banks Group tell its story

EVERY story can be better told with the help of pictures – now Holyrood PR has proven just how true this is after helping our client the Banks Group to arrange 40 separate photo shoots in a year.
As its work is in surface mines, property developments and wind farms, Banks Group often faces questions about the visual impact of its developments. Photography has helped create a positive ‘visual impact’, by ensuring its stories were told more widely and positively with creative, community-based images.
Our business objective is to help Banks Group earn planning approval for its developments. That is more likely when there is demonstrable support from local people and businesses. Each of these pictures helped tell the story of a business, a group or other local influential people who either support or benefit from the works of Banks Group (find out more after this gallery of images):

Pictures from the photoshoots we organised supported 71 separate media releases over a 12 month period, which helped generate 321 items of media coverage. Of those, 116 had accompanying pictures (36%). On average, those stories accompanied by photos scored higher for positive sentiment.

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Of course, these images are used far beyond the media articles where they have appeared. Banks Group use them to enliven the company website, use them in brochures and infographics and also used them during public exhibitions across Scotland. So, the images deliver value time after time.

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