Food and drink PR of mint crop at Scot Herb in Dundee, destined for Mojito cocktails at Tigerlily Hotel

Mint and Mojitos – Cocktail craze benefits bars and herb growers

Montpeliers (Edinburgh) Ltd

Mint and Mojitos – Cocktail craze benefits bars and herb growers

Montpeliers (Edinburgh) Ltd

Thirst for exotic cocktail helps garnish sales for Scottish bars and mint growers – prompting food and drink PR photography

DRINKERS have gone Mojito mad, according to Scotland’s leading style bar operators Montpeliers (Edinburgh) Ltd.

Demand for the rum-based cocktail is now so strong that it is outstripping sales of most other traditional drinks such as Gin and Tonic and White Wine Spritzers at venues including Rick’s, Tigerlily and Opal Lounge.

At rick’s, in Frederick Street, Edinburgh, customers are downing around 1000 Mojitos a month, while Tigerlily, the company’s showpiece boutique bar, hotel and restaurant venue in George Street, is shifting around 400 Mojitos a week.

At Opal Lounge Mojitos are the biggest selling cocktail on the menu, selling more than red, white and rose wine combined. The demand for Mojitos and other leaf-based cocktails has provided a welcome boost to Dundee-based Scot Herbs.

Kathleen Sutherland, Commercial Manager at the company, said: “We now supply over 13 tonnes annually.”

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