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Community Wind Farm Boosts Employment in East Ayrshire

Banks Group

Community Wind Farm Boosts Employment in East Ayrshire

Banks Group

Powerful images tell job creation story for wind farm experts – with help from PR photography experts

These images tell the story of how a renewable energy firm provided support to expand a landscaping business to help struggling young people find gainful and rewarding work
Find out more details of the story after this picture gallery:


Respected wind energy specialists at Banks Renewables are delivering ongoing work to support local communities around the site for its proposed High Cumnock wind farm.

That includes a five-year contract which has been agreed with Netherthird Community Action Training to create 60 new traineeships in the local area.

The traineeships will be open to 17-24 year olds, who will learn the skills needed to work on the proposed High Cumnock Community Wind Farm, including skills such as landscape management, land management and habitat creation.


Read the full story in our original media release on behalf of Banks Renewables.


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