Ice Lolly Lickin’ Links For Friday


Ice Lolly Lickin’ Links For Friday

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You might have been impressed by the talents of the buff young ‘uns in the Olympics, but check out this old codger who’s proved that age ain’t a factor! At 90-years-old, Dr William Bell is the world record holder in pole vault for his age group. Bingo bango!


Well it has been revealed that takeaway pizzas are the biggest rip off for people in Britain. That is not a big surprise at all with the average Dominos pizza probably costing about £20. Birthday cards and stamps have also been voted as two of the biggest wastes of money by the public. I do sometimes grudge paying £3 for a card which will probably go in the bin after three days, but I would rather do that than be some scrooge that digs out last year’s cards. That makes me cringe.


So, in keeping with the Olympic theme of the past week my Holyrood Five today is taking a look at some of the Olympic athletes’ tattoos. has published a list of the 10 most outstanding of these which include everything from the Olympic rings (positioned at various points on the body – from a swimmer’s inner thigh to a divers foot) to an advert for Hanson Dodge. There is also a very large tattoo of fluttering butterflies sported by a Russian synchronized swimmer. So for anyone looking for tattoo or sporting inspiration, check this out.​


First, it was Napster; then a whole host of other file sharing websites popped up offering us ‘free’ music. Then,  these sites started to become toxic with viruses, and were attracting the attention of the authorities just as quick as they’d appeared. It seemed music consumers couldn’t get enough of the ‘free’ stuff. However, it soon took a nosedive when record labels began to crack down on the illegal practice. This meant consumers had to find a new way of obtaining free tracks. Enter the conversion sites. Sites started to open up which allowed the public to stream music from sites, such as YouTube, and convert them to MP3, and save them at the same time. It seemed a new loophole had been found. This morning, though, Google who owns YouTube, has came out saying they will start to take legal action against these sites and have them shut down if they continue to offer these free services. Failure to ‘cease-and-desist’ could result in fines or prison terms in the States. Is this the beginning of another loophole closing? It looks like we might have to fork out for our music again, like the good old days.″ title=”Music Downloads” target=”_blank”>  
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The ‘internship’ has become a right of passage for most young people in recent years eager to get their foot on the career ladder.It is a modern day phenomenon which has yet to be touched upon in movies or television shows, but it was only a matter of time.Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn are set to return to our screens together for the first time after the huge success of Wedding Crashers in a new movie called ‘The Internship’.It will focus on two recently unemployed salesmen who take an internship at Google HQ and are bossed around by employees half their age. Sounds like it could be hilarious!