I know what I want for Christmas…


Darth Vader uses the Force

I don’t usually get excited by gimmicks – let alone when they’re used to sell a new range of toys aimed at young kids rather than supposedly sensible 20-somethings like myself.

But after stumbling upon this video clip on the net, I’m ashamed to say I’ve been won over by the latest piece of phenomenal Jedi power from Lucas Arts.

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I think the Star Wars experience was let down dramatically by some of the prequel movies – notably the god-awful Attack of the Clones – and that it pains me when I see George Lucas continually flogging his golden cash cow for all that it’s worth.

Nor am I alone in thinking this, as plenty of prominent sci-fi geeks – including Spaced star-turned-Holywood-actor Simon Pegg and Clerks director Kevin Smith – have voiced the same opinion in recent years.

However, despite this disappointment, I can’t help but be impressed and a little bit excited by this new offering from the genius toy-makers from across the Atlantic.

I just can’t see what’s not to like about this so-called Force Trainer, and I’m astounded at the technology that’s gone into making it. Using the same kind of equipment as you get in the machines that measure brain-waves in hospital, the techies have devised a toy where you can levitate an object simply with the power of your mind.

It’s the closest thing there will ever be to using the Force for real, and no doubt this will not only be snapped up by hyperactive kids, but also by adults and stoned students to use as the ultimate party toy.

Mr Lucas, I begrudgingly tip my cap to you for this piece of genius that is going to swell your coffers even more.

However, it still doesn’t fully pardon you for ruining Star Wars. Oh, and Indiana Jones as well…