HPR Bootcamp: Hoorah!

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HPR Bootcamp: Hoorah!

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bootcampBeing deskbound for a large majority of the day and having a tendency to regularly munch through a big bag of Haribo has taken its toll on the Holyrood PR team. So, in a moment of epiphany (or madness) we have enrolled into a fitness bootcamp.

Now Tuesday night is fitness night!

Bar an excruciating 10 minutes at the start of our session when our new personal trainer, Jamie Kirk, insisted on recording our weight I think it is safe to say that the inaugural ‘HPR Bootcamp’ was a success.

As it was the first week, Jamie put us through our paces to assess our individual fitness levels. We squatted, planked and boxed our way through an hour long session and were left with sore legs, arms and smelly hands from using second-hand boxing gloves!

Jamie, who is a high school friend of Account Executive Victoria, holds his sessions at Combat Ready Gym which is located, very handily, just around the corner from the Holyrood office.

With the anticipation of weekly weigh-ins all sweets have been banished and we are now munching on carrot sticks and salad. I think it is safe to say that we are all very determined to give this healthy living malarkey a good go.

According to recent studies in the U.S exercising with friends helps you to loose more weight. This is apparently due to increased competition and the ability to motivate each other. I think the accountability of not ‘letting the team down’ will also spur us on to attend Jamie’s class every week.

We’ll be glamorous PR goddesses in no time and we’ll be sure to keep you updated with our progress.

I’m away to scour eBay for a pair of boxing gloves: there is no way I am wearing gloves from ‘The Smelly Box’ next week!

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Unfortunately, Jamie’s website is down at the moment but if you are interested in arranging a personal training session or a bootcamp of your own, you can contact him on [email protected] or 07879 771 897.