HPR Bootcamp: Naughty Step for Haribo Munchers

by Holyrood PR

Thursday, September 13th, 2012

bootcampAfter hobbling around the office for the past week, unable to raise our hands above our heads or stand up without groaning, Tuesday came around all too soon for us Holyrood PR gals.

Progressing with out training we were introduced to kettle weights and dumbbells, with a little bit of skipping thrown in for good measure. Apparently we were good at it too, with Jason, who also holds training sessions at Combat Ready Gym, asking Linsay if she was ever a boxing pro!

So apart from a moment of geographical confusion and a massive slip up when it came to the weekly weigh in from one of the team members, it was a very successful session with Jamie.

Next week will see us work out using both our own body weight and free weights, something which I think we are all a tad apprehensive about.

However, I’m sure that we will take to it like a duck to water given that we are now all exercising in between sessions and sticking religiously to our diet plans. No thanks to a sneaky person who smuggled a tin of Haribo into the office at the start of the week – yes that’s you Scott Douglas!

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