How you can secure an audience with George Clooney

by Raymond Notarangelo

Thursday, October 15th, 2015

Its celebrations all round at Holyrood PR this week with four clients being shortlisted in the Scottish Business Awards

SBAYou can imagine the excited broadcast to clients, colleagues, partners when the announcement came through: ‘We’re going to meet George Clooney’.

That was the happy scenario that played out for four of our clients when they heard they had been shortlisted in the Scottish Business Awards – which, this year, features the Hollywood A-lister as the guest of honour.

In some ways, becoming a finalist and having the chance to scoop major award success inevitably ended up taking second place to the fact: ‘It’s George ‘effing Clooney’.

That pretty much embodies two human traits: We love the culture of celebrity; and we love being associated with glamour and glitz.

For our clients the bragging rights of being able to say they took part in An Audience with George Clooney (and no doubt tried to grab a selfie) will last a very long time.

In PR terms, it is about as good as it gets – dare I even say, it’s an Oscar-winning moment when it comes to energising staff, boosting morale and impressing clients

The feel-good buzz in the offices of our clients will have been incredible – and that will have permeated across all staff (and friends and family); the entire company would have had a lift; and just imagine the reaction from clients?

What business wouldn’t want that reaction and response?

So, how would your company go about getting the some of the same PR love?


Public relations agency in Edinburgh guide on choosing the best PR agency for your businessConsidering PR for the first time but you don’t know where to start. Don’t worry, we have done all the hard work when it comes to researching PR service so you don’t have to.


In this case, it is important to remember that the chance to rub shoulders with Gorgeous George comes from being shortlisted in the Scottish Business Awards.

In the case of our clients, that includes:

Ricky Nicol of Commsworld – Entrepreneur of the Year

Gilson Gray – Emerging Business of the Year; and Customer Focus

CALA Homes – Large Business of the Year; PR Marketing & PR Strategy

Montpeliers (Edinburgh) Ltd – SME of the Year

Edinburgh PR agency guide on choosing the best public relations agency for your businessThat meant each of these businesses putting in the time and effort to submit award entries to showcase their triumphs and achievements – and central to that is the need to demonstrate plenty of show and tell.

While each of our clients will clearly have demonstrated superb business success and acumen in their submissions, a common theme is that they all employ Holyrood PR to give them a strong and powerful media presence. And in each case, the award entry included examples of media coverage and profile.

We know that having others – such as influential media and journalists – say how good you are is a cogent tool. It is so much more credible to have that third party endorsement, than taking out advertising space.

We also know that judges look to evidence of external validation to endorse their decision-making.

We can relate to a case of a restaurant that came to us for PR help because they knew that to jump from being a One Star Michelin restaurant to a Two Star, it needed more than just the food to take a step up – it needed a high profile public presence to effectively say ‘you must be so good and deserve Two Stars because the media are writing about you all the time’.

Pr in EdinburghFor our clients the proof of their successful PR activity is overwhelming.


With Ricky Nicol we helped to positioned him as a visionary leader in his sector with a carefully planned process to have him featured in key media.

For Gilson Gray, we played a hugely important role in broadcasting the arrival of the firm – allowing it to have a visible, credible
footing as it started the process of engaging and winning new business.

With CALA Homes, we have worked to promote sales of their quality developments within their East division, helping to achieve impress sales while also supporting the planning team in the crucial pre-construction stage.

And with Montpeliers we were the first people they came to when they wanted to successfully relaunch their flagship venue Tigerlily.Relaunched Tigerlily uses hospitality PR in Edinburgh

To us, there is no co-incidence that a creative and successful PR support from Holyrood PR has lead to the award nominations.

So what that all means is that awards can make a difference to your business across many levels – but you have got to be in it to win it; and that means pairing your business successes with a high profile PR and media presence.

Match them together and who knows who you could be sharing a table with at a future awards ceremony?

Could your business use an ‘Oscar-winning’ moment?

If you think your business could benefit from PR get in touch with us now by calling 0131 561 2244 or fill in the simple contact form below and we will get right back to you.

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