How the art of business flirting can lead to profitable relationships

by Scott Douglas

Friday, July 10th, 2015

How a chance business flirtation led to a successful partnership for our PR agency

Kiss on a napkin with flirty message

THAT lingering look. A quickening pulse. The thrill of the chase.

Whether it’s a harmless passing fancy or the start of something special, there’s no doubting the power of flirtation to make people feel a bit special.

Before things get too steamy, let’s move this on to a business footing. Because the chances are your firm is keen to catch the eye of potential customers.  Here at Holyrood PR we know for certain that a wee bit of business “flirting” is essential, especially in the sometimes unglamorous world of B2B selling.

Just how do we know this? Well, let us explain how a recent B2B flirtation turned into a mutually valuable relationship.

Be sure to read on and find out how it yielded real success for a Scottish IT company.


PR agency in Edinburgh weekly round up of PR tips and newsIf you’re reading this post via our newsletter or our blog, then here’s something to think about – that’s our first attempt to “flirt” with you on a business level.

When trying to attract potential suitors, part of the process is looking and feeling your best, to give the confidence needed to start those flirtatious moves. For us as business, that means sharing our stories as widely as possible – and we know just how much work and effort that takes.

So, when we received a rather attractive-looking newsletter from successful Scottish IT company, Grant McGregor, we wrote back to them to let them know it we were impressed and appreciated just how much effort and thought they had put in to make it look great and read well.

They returned the compliment by checking out our Priority List  fortnightly newsletter – if you haven’t subscribed yet, we’d encourage you to do so here.

The equivalent of eye contact was well and truly established. As simple as that.


Example of a public relations blog post from Holyrood PR in EdinburghWhen people are interacting face to face, most of what they are saying doesn’t come out of their mouths – because experts reckon at least 55% of communication is non-verbal.

Body language is about elements such as facial expressions and posture and it  can give out some powerful messages.

One of the strongest signals of all – particularly in the rules of attraction – is called “mirroring”. That is when people who are comfortable together start to subconsciously reflect each other’s gestures and speech patterns.

So we were understandably flattered when Grant McGregor mirrored a blog post of ours, called Reboot, Restore, Revitalise – a guide for companies or businesses looking to refresh their image, their public relations or their business profile.A blog post from Scottish IT company Grant McGregor

When the Grant McGregor team took that theme and adapted it to produce their own version aimed at customers looking to refresh their IT services, we were impressed.

Impressed that they’d noticed our work – and flattered that they found it intriguing and interesting enough to mirror.


In business, just as in the dating game, flirting can be over almost as quickly as it’s begun. But sometimes it leads further.

So it was with Grant McGregor. Encouraged by those early exchanges they decided to explore a wee bit further. One of the founding co-directors asked if Holyrood PR could help the company celebrate a recent major award win.

We were delighted to work with Grant McGregor on a one-off PR project – a simple and cost-effective way for the company to have its first dalliance with public relations in a safe and enjoyable way.

Edinburgh PR Agency piecing together the PR in essential business guideFind out more about one off PR projects in our helpful guide to explain the PR Jigsaw – a piece by piece guide which explains the different options and services available for businesses.


Successful tech PR for IT experts Grant McGregorThe results were more than Grant McGregor could have hoped for – with coverage in the Evening News, Business Quarter Magazine online, the Scottish Business News Network, Daily Business Group and on popular news site, Deadline News.

As an added bonus, the story also featured heavily in the BQ Breakfast Briefing newsletter, which goes out to thousands of business influencers across Scotland.

Who knows, it could be the start of a beautiful relationship!

We like to make all of our clients feel special – so why not check out what our PR agency could do for you?

Are you sending out the right signals that are likely to catch the eye? Our PR services help businesses to look as attractive as possible – and help open those conversations with potential customers that can lead somewhere worthwhile.

We’re a chatty bunch at Holyrood PR and we love to form meaningful and rewarding long-term relationships with our clients that deliver real benefit to the bottom line.

To find out how our range of PR services – which also including photography and PR video – could help boost your business, please get in touch. We can be contacted on 0131 561 2244, or take a few seconds to fill in the simple form below and we’ll get straight back to you.

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    Scott Douglas, of public relations agency Holyrood PR in Scotland

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    Those include crisis management PR, photography for business PR, affordable business video, social media campaigns and strategic content planning and delivery for businesses of all sizes.

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