Host a lads’ poker night – anywhere in the world

Littlewoods Poker Blog

Poker players are being offered the chance to set up a private tournament with their friends – regardless of where they live across the globe.

Littlewoods Poker is offering players the option of creating a private online table, where they can exclusively pick which friends they want to compete against for a high-stakes jackpot, they can even have the opportunity to play games.

With poker steadily rising in popularity, more and more people across the UK are starting to set up their own regular poker nights with friends and work colleagues. However, many players often face weeks of careful planning to create a tournament, as their opponents live in different locations.

But following requests from gamers using the site, company bosses have now introduced a special feature allowing players to create their own private tournaments.

The move means that Littlewoods Poker customers can determine the amount of money needed to buy-in to the tournament as well as setting a limit on how much is bet on each hand. It also means that players can regulate who joins their tournament – allowing them to play against trusted friends rather than trying their luck against strangers.

Bruce Martin, Head of Operations with, said: “Although many gamers enjoy playing our regular tournaments on open tables, we’ve had quite a few people asking us whether we can let them set up private games instead.

“As poker continues to grow in popularity, there are more and more people wanting to set up poker nights with their workmates or close friends. However, it can be a logistical nightmare getting ten of your friends together in the same room for a poker session, as they may be living in different places across the UK or even the rest of the world.

“Our private poker tournaments are therefore an ideal and easy way to bring everyone together to enjoy a game. You can customise your tournament by deciding the minimum buy-in and pot limit and even set up a password to ensure it is only your friends who get to play.

“As the UK’s trusted name in gaming, we’re always looking for new innovations to ensure our customers get the best experience possible. This new initiative the closest thing you can get to actually having everyone round at your home for a poker night, but without the hassle of arranging it.”

The private games can be accessed through the Littlewoods Poker tournament lobby, where players can customise their own tournaments before sending it out invitations to their chosen opponents.

Once completed, the tournament details also stay logged on the website, meaning that players do not have to create new games every time they want to organise a competition with their friends.

Thousands of players and gamers are currently signed up with where they can play a selection of different tournaments online, including the popular Texas Hold’Em and Omaha variations of the classic card game.