Holyrood’s High Five


Holyrood’s High Five


Welcome to the first of Holyrood PR’s high five’s – our daily round up of the top five stories, pictures and videos which have caught our eye in the office either for their sheer ingenuity, cringe worthy shabbiness or simply because they made us laugh……and for some of us a little too much!

So here goes with today’s Holyrood High Five:

Mr Sheen….Not So Clean! (Andrea)

If you halve five then what do you get? Two and a half – and Two and A Half Men’s Charlie Sheen is definitely doing things by half this week as the news lines are packed full with stories about the party animal star famous for his life of excess partying, boozing and women. Now it seems however that Sheen’s ‘rock star’ lifestyle is about to fizzle out after an extremely public fall from TV grace and only one day later the hunt to find a suitable replacement for his character in the hit US comedy series ‘Two and a Half Men’. This article in US Magazine.com claims that some Holywood stars have already been suggested……I know who the ladies in the Holyrood office would like to see blue eyes Rob Lowe – but can we think of anyone better?

‘Appy Ending For Dieters! (Andrea)

There seems to be an app for everything these days, from finding directions, searching the web for the best deals and even cosmetic surgery! But a story featured in yesterday’s Daily Mail about a woman who lost seven stone in just ten months thanks to a calorie counting mobile phone app. The Blackberry app which works by typing in the foods you are eating and producing a calorie and nutrition content, is designed to tell you which foods are good and which are bad. And the certainly seemed to have worked as the dramatic before and after pictures reveal, incentives are a wonderful weight loss tool but really? Has it all become too much to look at a food packet and read the information on the back of a pack?


Not so Quiet News Day! (Laura)

This week see’s the 70th podcast instalment from our very own Scott Douglas and Deadline Scotland’s Peter Laing – featuring a bevy of views on David Cameron, Freedom of Information, Angry Birds, Blog Value and Caledonian Mercury’s Third Way. Listen here and why not tell us what you thought or if you have any comments visit the twitter page @quietnewsday or on the website www.quietnewsday.com


Bring your own bisexual……(Adrian)

Or should that be board game? Just one of the hilarious auto correct cock ups which have ruined countless social media posts. This dedicated website shows the full horrors of how these phone menaces can cause embarrassment.




Are you a fan of hit TV show Mad Men? The sublime drama set round the excesses of Madison Avenue during the golden age of advertising is TV gold. However, truth is often more compelling than fiction and this superb article chronicles the real-life problems besetting the current crop of Mad Men. How would Don Draper fare in the digital age?

So there you have it our top five picks for the day. Hope you enjoyed and stay tuned for more fun links tomorrow.