Holyrood’s Farewell To 2012

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20 THINGS TO DO FOR 2013 (Gaynor)

So if you’re at a loss for New Year’s resolutions this might be of use to you. Buzzfeed has compiled the top twenty things you should do on New Year’s Eve in preparation for 2013. As well as kissing a loved one at midnight, the site suggests you bang pots and pans at midnight to keep the evil spirits away, hold cash in your hand to secure prosperity and leave your window open all day to get the problems out of your house. I’m sure I will be doing one of these today, hopefully it’s the kiss!



New Year celebrations will soon be crashing in on us and I reckon a day of fast food feasting will be had tomorrow. No doubt some will be making their way to McDonald’s reaching for the chicken nugget box but did you know who invented these parcels of joy? Credit usually goes to McDonald’s but it was a professor called Robert C. Baker who proposed the first prototype in 1963. They were an instant hit but he didn’t make the millions you would assume and his connection to them has almost been completely lost over the years.I’m bringing him back and say we all hail Robert C. Baker in our well deserved binge out tomorrow.



As it’s the last day of the year and all that, the lovely folks at the CIPR have uploaded this guest blog which takes a look at some of the most inspiring PR, media and comms related blogs which hit the web over the last 12 months. It features some great blogs including; die press release die – a classic, as well as those which display great penmanship and creative thinking. Check them out if you get a chance. 



Here’s hoping you never land in jail but if you ever do please don’t repeat these howlers. Half a beard, a fake moustache and a man in a ladies top all feature in these police mug shots. If it wasn’t bad enough that these people have been prosecuted, they now have the embarrassment of these pictures surfacing. Stay in school kids, you don’t want to end up looking like these people!



Keeping on with the New Year spirit, it might be in our New Year resolutions bucket list to travel to foreign lands in the hunt for something new to keep us on our toes. How about some voluntary cow trampling – an ancient Indian tradition based on the belief that a good trampling will see our prayers answered.Apparenty no one has been injured which after watching a short clip seems just a little bit unbelievable, cow hoofs look nasty.