Holyrood’s Crash Landing Into 2013

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What does a cocker spaniel, a snake, a sheep and a magpie have in common? They’re all addicted to fags –  no joke. Whilst millions of us mere mortals attempt to give up the habbit it seems our animal mates are just as susceptible to the nicotine sticks. 
Thought I was losing my mind when I read the headline in the Daily Mail but a further Google search found a top ten list of animal addicts. The list includes a terrapin from China who smokes half a pack of cigarettes a day and can finish off an entire smoke in just four minutes. Badass.
For obvious reasons the pictures are pretty hilarious but on a serious note these creatures are just as, or if not more, likely to have health problems as their habbit continues. Would like to see how a nicotine patch could be slapped on a snake.


Now that 2013 is upon us, and many of us are heading back to work, why not ease yourself back into work with this hilarious video of fails over 2012. A fail, as you can imagine, is when you fail an attempt. So that could be anything from trying to  jump on the ice and it not breaking, to your friend trying to flip you and you land on your face. There is something rather amusing at watching someone else hurt themselves, as long as it is in good taste. Look at the ever popular ‘You’ve Been Framed’. So if you’re at work or just at home, check out the video to lift those January blues.


New Years Eve is one of the busiest nights for Police forces across the country as revellers head out and drink to excess in order to celebrate the start of the new year. Superintendant James Tozer, from Shropshire has documented the mayhem of the night with regular tweets from his account @Supttozer recording a 20 man brawl, arrests for drink driving and women wearing very little despite the freezing cold weather. It’s a great insight into the trials faced by Police, as well as a shameful reminder of the devils of drink and why we must all drink responsibly. So far the tweets have received positive feedback with several newspapers commending the Superintendant on his tweets. Take a look at them for yourself – and hopefully you won’t recognise any of your own drunken behaviour in them. 


The answer to the title question is no. Think about it, in battle their deadly opponents would easily be able to give the horns a whack and knock the protective head gear off or even drag them to the ground. It was actually poets and artists who gave the Vikings the silly hats commonly seen in movies. Hmmm interesting and just one of five common historical misconceptions explained in this video.
Watch to have what you thought you knew, blown apart. A good start to the year.


A beauty contest featuring no sashes, tiaras, swimwear or hair extensions has taken place in Nepal – because all the contestants are elephants, and before you say it I don’t mean they looked like elephants, they were indeed elephants. Ninety elephants and their mahouts (handlers) entered the contest, part of Nepal’s elephant festival, in Chitwan national park. Contestants were assessed on their decorations, including headdresses and painted toenails, with just three making it through to the final. The winner who came up top TRUNKS, pardon the pun, was Chitwan Kali.