Holyrood Serves Up A Monday Treatful

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Holyrood Serves Up A Monday Treatful

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Vimeo Zero

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Another amazing short animated film has made its way out of creative video site Vimeo!
Titled Zero, it tells the story of a world where the string men characters are born with a number which dictates where they belong in society! Watch the story of two zeroes who come together after suffering a life of discrimination and create something spectacular!


I’ve always been a fan of Guerrilla marketing ever since I first heard about it in university. As a big fan of Banksy I’ve always admired the risk takers in the industry and when guerrilla marketing works it really works. Super brand Red Bull is the latest company to shock the masses with its biggest guerrilla project to date. Known as the ‘Red Bull Air Drop’ Universities across the world will experience a large drop of red bull from what looks like via many helicopters. Students at Edinburgh Uni should take note as they are going to experience the force of the brand with wings very soon…


However infrequently I frequent the gym, I could not contemplate stepping onto a treadmill without the earphones of my mp3 firmly in my ears. Music distracts me from my own physical discomfort and conveniently blocks out the off-putting sounds that discomfort encourages in others. This is all I have asked of it, until now.
In this week’s Guardian Dr Costas Karageorghis (expert on the effects of music on exercise at Brunel University) describes music as ‘a legal drug for athletes’. The article goes on to say that listening to music can boost performance by 15 percent! This is good news for the Edinburgh Rock’n’Roll half marathon, which had its inauguration on the 15th of April this year, and it will hopefully help encourage this event to a similar level of success as its American counterpart, which has been running for 15 years.

YOU’RE FIRED (Victoria)

Most of the nation is currently hooked on BBC’s The Apprentice, prompting many a Thursday morning desk discussion about who should have been given the boot by Sir Alan Sugar.
In Wednesday’s episode, the competition comes to Edinburgh, where the candidates will be tasked to sell food on the capital’s streets.
In a preview from the forthcoming installment, Adam and Jenna make some very ignorant remarks about the Scots, definitely deserving of a firing.
Jenna asks the group if the Scots have their own language, and is worried that we will not be able to understand her.
Adam comes out with an equally stupid quip, stating that the Scots only eat fried food.


One luckyStar Trek fan has received the dream dinner date of a life-time after William Shatner who played Captain Kirk back in the day took his millionth follower to dinner as a thank you. The lucky winner was Troy Pound who boldly went where no twitter follower had gone before, if the grainy video posted to Shatners YouTube page is to be believed. The stunt has done wonders for the actors social following as since the news broke, his account has attracted over 20,000 new followers. Should other celebrities follow suit? Which celebrity tweeter would you like to take you out to dinner?http://www.dailymail.co.uk/indiahome/indianews/article-2133612/BLOGS-OF-THE-DAY-Perks-Shatner-follower.html?ito=feeds-newsxml