Holyrood Preys On Another Set Of Webland Hits

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Holyrood Preys On Another Set Of Webland Hits

Holyrood PR Blog

rob Mulholland

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Cult film, Predator, had people thinking twice about stepping into the deep throws of the forest! Scottish based artist and sculptor Rob Mulholland has taken inspiration from the horrors of the invisible monster to create eerie art installations and planting them in forests around Alloa, Loch Ard and the David Marshall Lodge in Scotland. These are unbelievably impressive but on first glance would have you fleeing.



For most people, weekday lunches consist of a rushed sandwich at a desk or a walk to the local deli at most.The Swedes believe that to increase afternoon productivity you need to do something a bit more active during your lunchhour – like disco-dancing.’Lunchbeat’ sessions are becoming increasingly popular in Sweden, whereby workers attend parties for an hour in the afternoon to expel some energy and have fun.  Those who have attended claim that they feel happier and more creative after pulling some moves.The craze is now spreading across Europe – I wonder if it will come to Leith?



Rich Leigh of @goodandbadpr posted about Child’s Own Studio this morning and I’ve fallen in love with the company already! What a fantastic idea for a business! Child’s Own Studio moves beyond the traditional ‘drawing pinned on the fridge’ and brings your child’s drawing to life by making it into their very own cuddly toy. Have a look at the pictures on their Flickr site – there are some very weird and wonderful creations, but I’m sure they’ll bring as big a smile to your face as they did to mine. 



If you’re like me and your phone is a bit like your Siamese twin then I’m sure you have experienced that awful feeling when you are waiting on your phone bill coming in after going abroad for a couple of weeks. Well that could all change after it has been announced that the European Parliament has approved a new series of caps on the cost of browsing the internet and making calls when travelling in the EU. The cap will mean that calls will fall from 35cents (28p) a minute to 29cents (23p) this year and even better news it will drop further to 19 cents (15p) to summer of 2014. Thankfully data roaming will also come down, although I have to say I’m not that into Facebook when I’m away, I’d rather be floating about on a lilo with a cocktail than updating my status.



I used to love going to Knowsley Safari park when I was kid and loved it when the monkeys would come and jump all over the car, trying to destroy our fragile family motor. This video from Huyndai captures that childhood nostalgia perfectly using a troop of rowdy monkeys to test the durability of their latest family car. The cheeky chimps jump all over the car and even manage to get inside clawing and biting the interiors. But the hard waering car remains intact – the perfect advert for the perfect family car!