Holyrood PR Explodes With Internet Hits

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Holyrood PR Explodes With Internet Hits

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Milk of Magnesia I believe in adv

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Laxative brand Milk of Magnesia have created a new ad campaign which gets straight to the point in a series of dramatic pictures! Images of rocket launches to exploding volcanoes perfectly represents the relieving experience that hopefully takes place in the comfort of your own toilet! Note: don’t take laxatives during a trip to New York!


We’ve all done it – you’re eating something delicious and suddenly it slips out of your hand and plops onto the floor. And not wanting to miss out on that mouthwatering morsel of (insert favourite food), it is incredibly tempting to pick it up and continue eating. Regardless of your hygiene standards, we have all done it at some point.  A new scientific study sought to investigate this myth, and found some interesting results. It turns out foods with low water content are okay – biscuits, bread; as well as salty foods. That ham sandwich I dropped yesterday would have been okay then, phew.
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2138777/The-second-rule-fact-fiction-Scientists-reveal-food-dropped-floor-safe-eat.html ​​


Many brands make millions of the back of dead celebrities and it seems like Pepsi have had the same idea.  The drink brand has resurrected the king of pop for a series of new marketing activities including a new advert which will include some of Michael’s most famous tracks. I’m not sure how ethical or right these marketing activities are as many will remember that Jackson was famously hurt during the shooting of a Pepsi ad back in the 80’s causing him to become addicted to painkillers for the rest of his life. Everyone will also remember the famous image of him on the stretcher after his hair caught alight. Their aim to honour him seems more like an aim to make millions.


Drivers who slip in the odd text whilst rampaging on the roads should check this video out! Thousands die behind the wheel due to texting so in an effort to highlight the danger Responsible Young Drivers created a video stunt secretly recording a group of people taking their test-but with a twist. They were told that in order to pass they must be able to text and drive! One guy is told he must avoid an obstacle whilst texting to which he explaims “F*** no!” Very funny but jokes aside it effectively conveys the message that it is extremely dangerous and has probably put the youths involved off for life.


Scottish tennis star, Andy Murray, will no doubt be in the doghouse this weekend after his inflammatory comments about who he would save first in a house fire; his dogs or his girlfriend! Murray’s answer, his dogs, is no doubt going to have put girlfriend Kim Sears’s nose a tad out of joint, especially after recent news reports claiming Murray is resisting Kim’s pressure to marry. Let’s hope that after seven years together, this pair aren’t getting out of the swing of things…