Hollywood Actress Unveiled as New Ambassador for Animal Charity

Louise Linton Press releases

Hollywood Actress Unveiled as New Ambassador for Animal Charity

Louise Linton Press releases

Hollywood actress Louise Linton with dogHollywood actress Louise Linton has been unveiled as the new champion for a charity which saves abandoned dogs from death row.

The Scots-born movie star has pledged her support to Any Dog’il Do Rescue, which is based in her home town and reflects her lifelong passion for animal welfare.

Louise, 28, was moved to tears after hearing heartbreaking cases the charity has dealt with. Now she has volunteered to bring as much awareness to the cause as possible.

It is hoped her star power – she has three movie projects this year and has previously appeared alongside Hollywood icons including Tom Cruise, Meryl Streep and Christopher Walken – will help save the lives of more abandoned pets.

The private rescue centre, based in Edinburgh, rehomes dogs of any breed, shape, size and colour, placing them with suitable new owners across Scotland. Set up in October 2011, the charity now has more than 100 volunteers and ten co-ordinators – to ensure as many dogs as possible are saved from being euthanized and discarded.

Louise’s diary is packed promoting three major movie releases, including two leading lady roles and a part in an eagerly anticipated Warren Beatty blockbuster and hope to use that hectic schedule to promote the organisation.

Heartbreaking situations

Suzanne Burt, Founder and Senior Co-ordinator at Any Dog’il Do Rescue, described the moment Louise broke down after hearing about the fate of many dogs they work with.

She said: “I described to Louise some of the heartbreaking daily situations we face with dogs who are unwanted – and dogs who are about to be put to sleep.

“That’s when she knew she had to help. She wants to draw as much attention to the charity as possible.

“We couldn’t be more delighted to have Louise as the charity’s first Ambassador. She is exactly the type of celebrity we want to endorse the organisation.

“For all the success she has achieved, Louise is so humble and kind and we’re thrilled she has volunteered to help us in this way.

“When we first met we spent hours discussing our love for animals and dogs in particular. It’s obvious how passionate she is about animal welfare.

“Louise has already started spreading our message throughout the various countries she works in and travels to, which is incredible to think about. She is so respectful of the work we do.”

Animal Lover

Louise is equally thrilled with her new role and said: “It’s a privilege to work with Any Dog’il Do Rescue. It’s an honour to be able to support the incredibly worthwhile work they do.

“I’m an animal lover and grew up surrounded by animals during my childhood in Edinburgh. I have personally rescued several dogs from the streets of Los Angeles and managed to rehabilitate them and find them new homes.

“My two favorite cases were Max, a miniature Greyhound who I found running on the highway between the cars, and Chloe, a miniature Pincher who was little more than a skeleton when I found her. Both now have new families. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a dog that was near death and completely abandoned, newly in the arms of its new owner and about to start a brand new life.

“I have two dogs myself, one of which is a shelter rescue, and it breaks my heart to think of the dogs just like them who are abandoned and lost, or worse, given up on and just put to sleep.

“I’m very passionate about animal welfare so it was an easy decision to help promote the charity’s message around the world. I would definitely encourage people to get in touch to find out how they can support the fantastic work this charity does.”

Shooting to fame

Former Fettes College pupil Louise moved to Hollywood seven years ago to pursue her acting dream. She is set for the biggest year yet in her burgeoning career with Hollywood watchers predicting the Howard Hughes biopic is likely to be an Oscar contender. Louise’s role sees her play Betty, a young starlet under contract to Hughes’ film studio.

She also plays the lead role in tense thriller, Intruder, as a classical musician being stalked in her own home. It is due to premiere this winter and co-stars legendary DJ, Moby. The film was the first to be co-produced by Louise’s production company, Stormchaser Films.

Next year she will also play the lead in romantic comedy, Serial Daters Anonymous, playing a woman who jilts her cheating husband-to-be at the altar, before turning into a “dating vigilante” determined to wreak revenge on men. It co-stars House of Cards heart throb, Sam Page.

Her new Ambassador role is the latest chapter in Louise’s charity and philanthropy work. She travelled to Zambia for more than six months where she volunteered during the Second Congolese War. And she is also an Ambassador for major Scottish charity The Erskine Trust which dedicates itself to helping Scottish Veterans injured in Iraq and Afghanistan.

For more information regarding Any Dog’il Do Rescue please visit http://www.anydogildorescue.org/

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