Holding onto that touch of elegance

by Holyrood PR

Thursday, September 27th, 2007


No normal souvenir like towels, ashtrays or dressing gowns will do when it comes to the Conde Nast award-winning boutique hotel Tigerlily.

Guests staying at the Edinburgh hotel’s unique black suite are showing their utmost appreciation by taking home a very unusual memento of their stay.

The suite’s black, scented toilet rolls have proved to be so appealing that bosses are considering selling rolls as official souvenirs – so guests aren’t reduced to smuggling them out with their luggage.

The toilet rolls, specially imported from Portugal at three euros a pop, were sourced to give that all-important final finishing look to the suite.

General Manager David Hall said: “The black suite is one of our most popular rooms and people just love that fact that even the toilet paper is black.

“When we heard about the black toilet paper we thought it would give the suite the perfect finishing touch. It seems to have worked because people always comment about it, saying it’s very quirky and makes them smile every time they see it. Now they are proving to be such a talking point, every guest wants one to take home and show their friends.

“It seems sensible now to look at offering all our guests the chance to buy the rolls for themselves.

“Tigerlily is all about setting new standards in hospitality style – even right down to having the right toilet paper.”


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