Hitting Out On Friday 13th

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Hitting Out On Friday 13th

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Somewhere in little town in Belgium unassuming passing town folk were offered the opportunity to add a little drama to their life with the simple push of a button! Looking like the typical red button we were warned not to touch as children and it proved too tempting for some! Click the play button to find out what happens when passers by decided they wanted an injection of action.


Coca Cola’s campaign open happiness is certainly bringing smiles to people’s faces in Singapore. Students at the national university of Singapore were excited and delighted to find a coke vending machine which takes hugs instead of money in exchange for a can of the fizz. What’s interesting about the campaign is that the brand encourages people to show open emotion and public displays of affection. In Singapore previously this has been discouraged. The reaction has since been amazing and Coke is hoping to roll out the campaign across Asia. I would happily give the vendy a hug for a free can, maybe they know we are just too easy!


I came across this video on one of my friend’s Facebook page and it perplexed me somewhat! Joey Barton who is a close second to Wayne Rooney in the angry footballer reputation rankings, gives his view on Lucian Freud’s art collection for The Guardian. Now Joey even says himself that he’s no art ‘connoisseur’ so it baffles me as to why The Guardian has picked him of all people to star in this short film – which quite frankly does nothing for Freud and does nothing for Joey Barton other than make him look even more stupid than what he already is. If this is an attempt from his PR and publicity team to show a softer more intellectual side to his character then they have failed…in trying to change his image they have taken him too far out of his comfort zone and left him looking a little simple!http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/video/2012/apr/15/joey-barton-lucian-freud-art-video?INTCMP=ILCNETTXT3486


Computer chat can often result in us signing out for a snooze! Alas this story should keep your brain alert! Swarms of crabs could be the power source of the computers we can’t live without! I’ll keep it short and shweet but apparently Yukio-Pegio Gunji of Kobe University in Japan and his colleagues realised that when two swarms of crabs collide, they merge and continue in a direction that is the sum of their velocities. I don’t fully understand the lingo of the last four words but in summary this means that crap powered computers could be possible!


I am regularly the butt of jokes among my family and friends due to my inability to drive.  It’s my target this year to pass my test, and I’ve been inspired by Laura to get my ass into gear as she is currently taking lessons.
Over the years, I have had a ton of lessons, have sat my theory test twice and even booked my practical test, but just never got the stage of actually sitting it for one reason or another. Poor excuse I know!
I now feel better about things as the DLA have revealed that a Scottish woman failed her practical test 25 times before finally passing! Worse still, is a Glasgow man failed his THEORY TEST 34 TIMES! What an actual muppet.